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Apparently, my second Pink Slip 2.0 installment generated a bit of heat among our participants. Here’s a bit of their provocative exchange, which I think shows the different styles different job-hunters are taking out there:

First, this from Kris Rowberry kris-rowberry1 to Elise Sandusky:

I’m a blunt person, so be aware of that as you read on.
After reading the article, I felt it necessary to get ahold of you. I’m going to dive right in, so here it goes:
Figure this, you’re marketing yourself each time these articles come out. Right now, at least to me, you’re marketing yourself as a persistent person, but who’s stubborn in your ways AND could be a pain in the butt if the company messed up on something involving you (even very minor things). The best thing you can do is drop the complaint altogether. (Or at least not mention it anymore in the articles)
So what if the person before you in the interview was a guy, and they hit it off in the interview. The recruiter probably knew he was, “the one” and simply had to give you the “courtesy “of an interview (however small it may have been.)
What happens if the complaint does goes through? You still would want to work for a company that already dislikes you and would be looking, almost salivating at the first chance to let you go?
Now I realize that I’m a guy, and that I may not have experienced the same situations that you will / would – but you need to remember that “the brand called you” is being sent to the whole valley – and how you “advertise” yourself can mean the difference between getting the call, or getting the rejection.

And this response from Elise:

Good evening Kris –
I do appreciate and value your in-put and concern for the negativity that the latest article portrays me in. I too am very direct and blunt but I have over time learned to read people and situations. What took place during my latest interview was a very clear indication of discrimination. I can say this with most certainty because I was witness to the conversation and body language that took place with the interviewee prior to me. I also have the professional back-ground experience as a Human Resource Manager and I am well trained in matters of discrimination. Unfortunately, the whole story of what took place was not printed in detail. To clear any perception you may have of me or what took place I will provide you with some details. A week prior I was interviewed by the District Manager in the division I was applying for. I was referred to him by a fellow District Manager that I interviewed with a week prior to that. Both District Managers had given me clear details of the position I was applying for. The most recent (bad) interview was with a gentleman that had no knowledge that I was already well versed in the company and job position. What took place that day and the comments that were said directly to me were the most unprofessional, rude, discriminating display of interviewing techniques I have ever seen. I feel in my position as a professional it is my obligation to report such activities for the better treatment of future employees.
As I said prior, unfortunately the whole story of what took place was not printed in detail. Nor should it have to be. I’ve been around long enough, seen enough and experienced enough to know what’s right and what’s not. I’m a very strong person and will not allow another person to be disrespectable to me at any cost because in the end if you don’t have respect for yourself who does?
I look forward to continuing our Pink-Slip relationship and wish you well in your journey for employment.


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