A dispatch from the front line…

Musings from our Pink Slip 2.0 guy, laid-off aviation worker Kris Rowberry:

It’s only growing for me and I imagine all the other job seekers out there. What with rent, outrageous COBRA payments and general living expenses – not to mention the lack of worth that I’m feeling.

“Who am I?”
Hello ladies! I’m a 25 yr. old single guy, unable to move out of his Dad’s house – AND I’m unemployed!!! What a “catch” when you’re looking for a girlfriend, right?
So to help with all the doom and gloom, I decided to check out some new apartments in downtown, hoping it would turn my luck around. (By trying to predict the future)
$1750 for a loft.
I barely made that in a month when I WAS working!

What’s even more frustrating is the lack of support promised by my former employer. On my “last day” they promised me help, letters of recommendation, “…whatever you need, Kris.” Now, my emails go by the wayside. Who knows if a good letter would have made my résumé stand out amongst the hundreds or thousands of other applications.

Now, I’ve been told I can’t even drop off applications with the companies based at the same facility, as the company, “…would probably have a problem with that.” Now I can understand their concern, what with all these layoffs, no one is looking for another “postal” incident, the least of which is me!

But this is a unique conundrum. I now volunteer for the City, which has actually given me higher security clearance than I had before. It’s a business park that just happens to have jets parked on the other side of the building. If they’re going to have a conniption about me trying to find a job with the companies I worked directly with – maybe they should have thought of that before they let me go. Am I wrong to think this way?


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