Twitter your way to a new job???

   How do each of our participants feel about Web 2.0 tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in their job searches? How do YOU feel about them?

   Roopa Govindarajan
   From: Chennai, India
   Married, two kids, spouse working full-time
   Laid off Jan 29, 2009, as a lead software test engineer for Citrix Systems
   Her take on 2.0 tools: Engaged, especially with LinkedIn. Online networking quickly led her to a possible job. Uses Skype to confab with family members in India every Friday night. Sees these tools as valuable virtual counterpart to real-life job hunting.

   Kris Rowberry
   San Jose
   From: San Jose, born and raised
   Single, lives with dad
   Laid off Jan 2, 2009, from an aviation-services company at the airport
   His take on 2.0 tools: Guarded. Email fatigue prompted him to start cold-calling former customers. Clever use of databases to find potential employers. Considers Twitter a fad, Facebook a social water-cooler.

   Elise Sandusky
   San Jose
   From: Burlingame
   Married, two grown kids, husband working full-time
   Laid off Feb. 2, 2009, as a bookkeeper for a San Jose produce company
   Her take on 2.0 tools: Cynical. Signed up for LinkedIn, but hasn’t used it. Sees tools like Facebook as “screw-around sites, with nothing other than “Hey, what are you up to?” Finds Twitter inane.


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