Sun CEO: ‘This is one of the toughest emails I’ve ever had to write’

sun-oracle-logo“This is one of the toughest emails I’ve ever had to write.” Thus began this morning’s communique from Sun Microsystem’s Chief Executive Jonathan Schwartz to his troops. Fear not, though. With Dickensian flourish, Schwartz lifted up the tone of his email with his very next line: “It’s also one of the most hopeful about Sun’s future in the industry.”

Then follows a stirring paean to the 27-year old company whose board has signed off on the plan to be acquired by Oracle for $9.50 a share.

“I do not consider the announcement to be the end of the road, not by any stretch of the imagination,” wrote Schwartz.  “I believe this is the first step down a different path, one that takes us and our innovations to an even broader market, one that ensures the ubiquitous role we play in the world around us. The deal was announced today, and, after regulatory review and shareholder approval, will take some months to close – until that close occurs, however, we are a separate company, operating independently. No matter how long it takes, the world changed starting today.”

OK. But what about every one’s jobs? Isn’t Oracle going to have gain some efficiencies, especially with all the people and facilities they already have throughout Silicon Valley? Not to worry. Much.

“(I)t’s important to note it’s not the acquisition that’s changing the world – it’s the people that fuel both companies. Having spent a considerable amount of time talking to Oracle, let me assure you they are single minded in their focus on the one asset that doesn’t appear in our financial statements: our people. That’s their highest priority – creating an inviting and compelling environment in which our brightest minds can continue to invent and deliver the future.”

No word on what may happen to the just brighter minds among them, or even the merely bright. Looks like it’s time to shine, Sun folk. Be the brightest you can be. Now more than ever.


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  • Bill

    What a joke. Schwartz drove the value of the company down 90% in the time he was CEO. Every shareholder and employee of the company lost value with him at the helm.

  • Mary

    Jonathan Schwartz is a man of integrity and keen vision. The market changed during Jonathan’s time at the helm. I have known Jonathan since he ran a company that developed software for the NeXT Computer, and he is a good person who will take care of the company as it undergoes the transformation that acquisition brings. Look to the brighter future and know that the right thing is being done.

  • Charles

    If the employees have any prospects at all – they are leaving before the axe falls. Essentially everyone that’s left is doomed. But, then again, the brightest people left sun quite a while ago. Nobody left there but a bunch of “B” and “C” level employees.