Apple, the coolest one of them all?

In the battle over image, Mac once again out-cools PC.

In a new Forrester consumer satisfaction report, the Cupertino company outscores its PC rivals – by a long shot.
In an analysis by Forrester Vice President Bruce Temkin, Apple came out on top in a survey of  five computer brands – Apple, Compaq, Dell, Gateway and Hewlett-Packard. The Forrester customer experience index gathered responses from more than 4,500 U.S. consumers about their experiences with major companies.

Apple had a  “good” rating of 80 percent. Compaq, HP, and Gateway, on the other hand,  garnered good ratings between 63 percent and 66 percent. Dell, meanwhile, came in with an image-bashing  “poor” 58 percent rating.


Dell landed with a thud in the most un-fun-to-use category. Maybe that’s why companies love to outfit their employees with Dells so much – the bosses sleep better at night knowing their workers aren’t enjoying themselves.
Apple led the pack when it came to ease of use – 17 percent better than the PCs. And consumers apparently would rather while away their time with a Macintosh computer. Apple garnered a 15 percent higher score than the others when it came to being enjoyable.
Temkin summed things up this way: “The Windows ecosystem needs an extreme customer experience makeover.”


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