Round 1.0 of the new server wars

The server wars have been fully engaged.
Cisco System executives this morning talked up their move against erstwhile partners – Hewlett-Packard and IBM – with their new Unified Computing System. They doled out details about their virtualization and data center vision, memory capacity and processing power.
But the power of the purse – promises of slashing corporate costs over the long term – was at the top of the talking points. The bad economy was their friend.
Several executives spoke in a talk-show setting during a Web cast aimed at customers.
Cisco says its solution for a 320-blade server configuration is 30 percent cheaper than a similar legacy system — $2.5 million compared with $3.6 million.
Cisco, which has been called an Internet “plumber,” not an architect of data center systems by HP, is giving companies “the ability to embrace innovation while driving down costs,” said Soni Jiandani, Cisco’s vice president of marketing for its server access virtualization group.


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