Taking joy in others Pink Slip misery

   My, but we have some angry people out there. In response to our debut in Sunday’s paper, dozens of folks weighed in on the plight of our three laid-off workers. Some were sympathetic. But not all.  

  In fact many were downright nasty, trashing the unemployed folks for somehow milking the system, or not really trying hard enough to find work, or being born in India! Roopa Govindarajan, our mother of two who was laid off Citrix, is an American citizen who happens to have been born in Chennai. Which to some bigots out there is tantamount to stealing “our” American jobs. Even though she herself was laid off. Great logic, eh?

   As one of my more reasoned readers put it: “I wonder if these people are making themselves too vulnerable. There are some arrogant people in Silicon Valley who have been lucky to never have lost a job. They’ll look at your series and say that these people deserved it, very coldly calling them losers. I can only hope there’s more compassion available in Silicon Valley, because the lack of it has made me want to move many times.”


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  • Wow! Where is our compassion? We should be helping others, not stoning them for being unfortunate enough to be one of those let go!

  • E.S.

    WOW, all that negativity! Are those comments coming from the same people that lie to make themselves look better than others, the a-hole drivers on our roads, or the same people that cause drama in the company they work at, maybe they’re the racist or the sexist people, or they could be the pathetic people that have nothing better to do with their lives but to insult others. To all of you negative commenter’s – who are you to pass judgment on us who have chosen to share our three stories amongst the thousands of unemployed in our country. For those that say, “were losers or deserve it” well this is what I have to say to you, “I could spend my time being angry and upset about your comments but that would be a waste of my valuable time. I don’t waste my valuable time on anything or anyone that means nothing to me.”

  • E.S.

    Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes… your destiny. ‘Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle’.

  • MN

    It is brave of those people that want to share their “laid off” experience. It takes courage. I am laid off and wish I was not. It is not fun and does take away from ones esteem. There are people out there looking at themselves thinking they are superior workers because they still have a job. In today’s market you too could lose your job tomorrow.
    This is the time to be supportive to those that helped you when they worked in the cube next to yours. Or perhaps, you took credit for their work. Give a kind word or pick up the phone and call someone you know that has been laid off and offer a helping hand. They will never forget it and who knows, you may need a hand one day. Have a heart for those that are hurting at this moment. Humility is a good thing.

  • Roopa and I worked in the same group and my manager (VP) and I (Director) both were laid off. Sometimes businesses change direction and need different skill sets. I don’t believe that any of s are losers or deserved it – so there!

  • ftom

    it’s ashame that people take joy out of others misery. for those who doesn’t
    understand, no jobs are safe in the valley. you maybe smart, but you sure ain’t

  • VincentP

    My theory on layoffs, at least for public companies, is that its all about keeping Wall Street happy. Not all companies suffer from this…there IS leadership out there that realizes they made an investment in individuals for the long term. Consider Google, Microsoft etc.. billions of dollars in cash, yet they still lay people off?

    All things considered, these times are definitely outside the range of normal economic behavior. There is a LOT of extremely good talent out there right now…that could be contributing to our national security by helping to innovate, provide superior products and services..etc

    Its too bad ‘leadership’ broke ethics and morals, and instead played the numbers game.

    My hat is off to those industries and companies who are trying their hardest to avoid layoffs.