Valley VC Introduces President Obama

Paul Holland, a partner with Foundation Capital and a board member of Serious Materials, a maker of green construction materials, got a rare honor this morning. He introduced President Obama to a gathering of 120 cleantech leaders in Washington.

(Yes, I know, Obama needs no introduction, especially to the green crowd who fully expect to capitalize on his commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency.)

Still, Holland chose his words carefully.

He first spoke of Serious Materials’ highly insulated windows and Ecorock, its green drywall product. He then mentioned the company recently purchased and re-opened a shuttered window company in Pennsylvania.

He also spoke about the role of venture capitalists — and the federal government.

“Over the last 30 years, venture capital-funded companies as diverse as Amazon and Cisco, Google and Microsoft, and Intel and Netflix have employed tens of millions of Americans in high paying, rewarding jobs,” he said. “Simply put, many of these companies would not be where they are today—beginning the reinvention and reinvigoration of American business and American manufacturing—were it not for progressive federal policies such as the Federal R&D Tax Credit and the Stimulus Package.”

Then, after saying U.S. businesses would be at a major disadvantage globally without the Federal R&D tax credit, he welcomed President Obama to the stage.


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