Internet Inventor Endorses .eco

OK, it’s an old joke about Al Gore saying he invented the Internet.  But a press release this morning from Dot Eco LLC Partners says Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection will support that group’s effort to secure and promote the .eco domain.

The release notes that ICANN will soon take applications for new domains, meaning we’ll soon start seeing URLs that just don’t end in .com, .org, .edu and .gov.  In fact, cities are applying, so perhaps we’ll be seeing .paris and .sanjose addresses.

More from the release: “The proposal for .eco would establish a permanent address for web sites and email addresses concerned about global warming and environmental issues. The profits will mainly be dedicated to supporting environmental causes.”

Dot Eco LLC was formed in 2008 by Fred Krueger and Clark Landry. Its advisory board includes actor Roger Moore, a former 007, and Davis Guggenheim, who directed Gore’s star vehicle, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The group’s Web site is here.


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