Silicon Valley layoffs, deja vu?

Check out Mark’s pink slip website, circa 2004, at

Like Mark, a lot of you recently downsized out of your job have been to this rodeo before. Looking back at what now seem like vintage jobless tales add some interesting perspective to the current state of hemmoraghing unemployment. Keep your sense of humor, if you can, and check out his “pink slip video” and his Top Ten Things To Do Once You Become Jobless:

10. Shower every day by 10……p.m.
9. Get organized: arrange taped Sponge Bob episodes in chronological order.
8. Try Panhandling at a busy intersection.
7. Fold your pajamas exactly right.
6. Get past level 8-3 in Super Mario Deluxe.
5. Cut back to two cans of Pringles per day.
4. Stop calling Michael Dell. (At least until that restraining order expires.)
3. Have Glamour Shots photo taken to include with resume package.
2. No more getting sloppy drunk and mooning recruiters at networking events.
1. Go to India and bathe in the Ganges River.


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