SF Seeks Oceans of Energy

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom said in a blog today that the city has filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to develop wave energy off its coast.

The project could generate 10-30 MW of power, and ultimately expand to 100 MW.

Wave energy is a booming business in Europe, but here in California state regulators recently rejected a contract between PG&E and a wave-power company, basically saying the technology wasn’t ready for prime time.

Newsom offers a bold vision of the potential for wave energy: “When wave and tidal power technologies reach commercial scale, they are expected to be able to provide thousands of megawatts of power to our coastal communities, dramatically green our energy portfolios and create thousands of new American jobs,” he writes.

Here is his blog with the news.

Newsom and San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed have a somewhat friendly rivalry over which city is greener. Newsom wins this one, unless Reed can get wave power from the small whitecaps that gently wash over the Alviso shoreline.


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