Pink-slipped stay-at-home dad or still-working breadwinning mom?

The dispatch from the front lines in the Great Recession battlefield appears on the front of this morning’s Mercury News, prompting calls and emails and even more volunteers for Pink Slip 2.0. Check it out at here. Here’s an excerpt:

Meet Paul and Terry Bacon — portrait of a marriage reframed by recession.

He’s 48, laid off from Hewlett-Packard after 11 years, suddenly chief cook and bottle washer. She’s 53, manager of a medical clinic, working 35 hours a week, suddenly Ms. Breadwinner.

Paul: “I was making $120,000. We’re now relying on my wife’s $3,000 a month, and we’re barely able to pay our mortgage. My wife’s stressed and tired, so I try and have a good dinner waiting when she gets home. I guess that’s what a good wife would do. I guess I’d make a good wife.”

Terry: “Women are still underpaid, and I don’t have the education Paul has, so there’s no way I’ll ever bring in his income. So I’m suddenly feeling a lot of pressure.”

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