Pinkslip voices in the wilderness…

I’m seeing it again and again – smart, aggressive and talented job-seekers, like writer Tom Bentley, are trying everything in their power to connect with a job, an interview, even a simple RESPONSE to their job bid… only to hit a wall of silence. Listen to Tom:

“I had a freelance copywriting business (for many years serving tech clients, but after the tech crash, more general businesses) out of my house on and off for more than 10 years. You can see the scope of my business at I quit my job in August knowing that the economy was beginning to smell, but having no sense that I’d need the gas mask to protect myself that I need now.

“Anyway, I presumed I’d be able to pick up contract copywriting work through some of my old clients, contacts, and through numerous writer’s newsletters (with job postings) that I subscribed to. I also signed up for Elance, broadened my LinkedIn network, and spent a fair amount of time on Internet job sites. However, with all the layoffs, and possibly because my background wasn’t suitable, I haven’t been able to land a single contract job . . .

“The job postings for which I’ve sent my resume (particularly those from well-trafficked sites like Craig’s List) probably receive hundreds of resumes; it’s so typical now for me not to receive even a automated response that that “discourtesy” no longer irks me…”

What about the rest of you out there? Similar stories? Irked or beyond irked, like Tom?


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  • linda kahn

    Heck yeah. Here’s the kicker. They ain’t even responding to VOLUNTEER jobs….that I’ve send out inquiries on.
    Hit a few volunteer sites, which automatically ‘hit’ the person who posted the job. Three of them in 2 days. Do you think I’ve received ONE response from filling out the volunteer work forms? Nope.

    And, I’m not feeling too ‘assertive/aggressive’ contacting these places to get on board. I feel now I’ve done my bit of contacting that “I’m interested”, the LEAST these folks can do is email back. I finally got one place (2 weeks later), contacted me, and I’m rolling about 1-2 hours a week.

    But, if you aren’t getting contacted by companies paying, I’m not getting contacted by companies NOT PAYING.

    Boy, the world really sucks when you volunteer your time and career services (graphic design/advertising) for FREE, and get no response.

  • Aralynn

    I am CA unemployed. I was stood up in an interview! (The company shall remain nameless.) It was an out-of-state position; it just happened that the hiring manager was doing business in my state, he and their HR organized a meeting (120 mile drive one way for me) at the visiting managers hotel lobby. I arrived, waited 1 hour then approached the hotel receptionist who indicated that he was checked in (so I knew I was at the right place), after 3 hours of waiting, I left. I received a call the next day without even an apology. This individual asked for a phone interview, ok that is good, we organized a 9pm time slot that day — however he never called me.

    Honestly, are we second-class citizens since we are unemployed??? I am college educated with many years of experience; I am keeping my head up.