Thanks to everyone helping so far with the layoff project

A week after first posting our announcement in the paper looking for recently laid-off Silicon Valley workers who might be interested in having us follow them through their future job search, we’ve received scores of volunteers willing to share their stories.

We’ll now be sending out a questionnaire to each person who volunteered. Depending on their answers and personal situations, we’ll ask a dozen or so “finalists” to come in and talk to us in person. Dai Sugano, the photographer on the project, and my editor Rachel Wilner, will join me as we try to winnow down the number to the final three people we’ll be following.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this space for more news on Pink Slip 2.0. You can also follow along through our new Twitter site, which is called pinkslipproject.

Also, next week, look for the first of many job-related stories that will be appearing the Mercury News as part of our overall Pink Slip 2.0 coverage.


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