Pink slip arrives any minute as layoffs in Silicon Valley mount

  This pink-slip project has gotten very emotional very quickly.

 A day after we launched the Pink Slip 2.0 channel, I’m talking this morning with Kelly Robertson, an executive with a young open-source IT firm based in San Mateo, now watching the global recession  unfold up close and personal. 

   “I’ll be laid off in ten minutes,” he just told me. “We were
out for a round of funding and it didn’t come through so we had to dig deep and cut deep into our executive staff. We fell onto our own swords to let the company survive.”

   The firm started 18 months ago, said the Santa Cruz father of two young children and a working wife, who’ll now become the de facto bread-winner at the Robertson house. ‘This morning we’ll announce the names, maybe 40 percent of the staff will go. Nobody knows yet, except me.”

   Emotions right now? 

   “This company is something we’re all passionate about. But we’re deeply affected by market conditions that are outside our scope. It’s not frustration I feel but a sense of empowerment. At a time like this, a company has to move fast to make something work and you can’t chase every little idea. You have to come with a strategy and you’ve got to move. ”

   Even with a three-month severance package, Robertson says he’ll waste no time finding new work, starting with a trip to Vienna to talk with folks there about a new business venture.

   “I’m very very motivated,” he told Pink Slip 2.0 . “I  realize how deep this recession is; I get three resumes a day from people I know; I get two business plans a week from people I know. I understand the gravity and I understand I have to square my shoulders and dig in.

   “My last day,” he says, “will be Thursday.”


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