Lost your job recently in Silicon Valley? Part of San Jose’s growing army of job-seekers? We’re looking for volunteers for Pink Slip 2.0

Lost your job?
We should talk.
The Mercury News is looking for people recently laid off in Silicon Valley. We’ll select three of you to follow in your job search over the coming months, chronicling the same dramatic saga that’s spinning off thousands of new job-seekers every month.
In the pages of the newspaper, and across an online landscape of nteractive and social-networking tools at mercurynews.com, your stories will become part of a much larger
narrative. As readers share in your own hopes and fears, false starts and lucky breaks, you’ll become the emotional hub of a sprawling virtual community. Over time, your stories will tie together folks looking for work and people looking to hire, career experts and seasoned
veterans of past slow-downs, family and friends and even those currently employed but bracing for a pink slip.
In fact, in the spirit of networking, we’re calling the project Pink Slip 2.0.
Just as the dreary unemployment picture it mirrors, we expect this collective tale to gather steam in the coming months. Beyond the continuing series of cliffhangers featuring our
three main job-seekers, the project will become a burgeoning one-stop shop for all things jobless – coping techniques and emotional red flags, how-to tips on navigating the unemployment bureaucracy, health care and tax relief, job retraining and tricks for connecting
with others out there re-inventing themselves.
And with online user forums and live chats from career consultants, the goal is more than simply narrating your personal stories. It’s pulling together the thousands of strands of a local community let loose in this global economic maelstrom.
To help make the project as practical, transparent and technologically savvy as possible, we’ll also create social-networking components like Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs and
multimedia presentations, to help us all tell the story together.
If you do find a job, we’ll look for a replacement, but still occasionally check in with you.
To volunteer, make sure you’re comfortable publicly sharing the financial and emotional aspects of your own joblessness. Then send me an email at pmay@mercurynews.com.
We’ll email you a brief questionnaire, then narrow down the list to a dozen people we’ll bring in for final interviews. From those, we’ll select three people to follow.


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