HP’s Mark Hurd made $42.5 million in fiscal 2008

hp_logo_lg_hp_blueHewlett-Packard gave its boss, Mark Hurd, $25.4 million in cash last year, including a $1.45 million salary and $23.9 million in bonus money, according to compensation figures contained in the company’s proxy which it filed late on Inauguration Day.

Throw in stock awards that the company  valued at $7.9 million, and don’t forget $738,392 in other miscellaneous items, including  $98,000 worth of dividends paid on his restricted stock holdings and $71,482 of “relocation” compensation paid out to Hurd, who joined the company more than three years ago.

HP’s proxy presents the 2008 compensation two ways and comes up with different totals, depending on how you count it up. According to the compensation committee’s view of things, they paid Hurd $23.3 million during fiscal 2008. However, the company reported compensation paid to Hurd of $42.5 million, including incentive payments earned from prior years but paid in 2008.

Either way, it’s a lot of money.

Hurd exercised options for 400,000 shares last year, which he sold, making $10 million in the process. Also, 336,666 restricted shares due him vested, worth $15.7 million at that time. They are now his, free and clear.


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  • Future laid off employee

    The attitude used to be, let’s kick Dell’s butt. Let’s execute and deliver on promises and services.

    Now it seems to be, “work hard for less money until we can outsource (near-shore) your job.”

    Sad really, because it used to be a great place to work.

  • Pissed EDS/HP Employee

    Took 5% hit in May…. just found out another 10% May 2010 due to an incorrect job code alignment from EDS -> HP. Compensation/Benefits/Pension been going downhill for ~ 3 yrs now… this was the last straw for this guy… resume is polished… economy showing some promising signs…

  • Another Pissed Employee

    EDS software services employee here… More corporate socialism…

    Took a permanent 5% pay cut a few months back in order to reduce costs to make “numbers” come in line. I could live with it because it was at least fair and economy sucked.

    Took a temporary 10% pay cut for one month, to help make the numbers again. Ok because it was temporary and across the board.

    Was told I have to use my vacation time the last 2 weeks of the year for a mandatory company shutdown (I usually take it off so no big deal, just do not like being told I have to).

    Was told we have to use off-shore resources on our project (and they flew them to the US)

    Just found out today I get a permanent 16% paycut because my EDS job code does not match up with HP job codes as part of the integration. I get a 2 page email describing how I am to be better off for it (ie company is more profitable, can gain marketshare, etc)… My job didn’t change, my client didn’t change. Nothing changed, except my salary… Guess they can take mine to give to those that do not work as hard and save their jobs.

    So I worked extra hard to be a top performer and command higher salary, but now get it cut so Mark can get his big bonus. It is effective Sept 1st, so I look at it as paid severance while I find my next job. EDS was great. HP??? Worst thing that happened to us.

  • wondering

    I have to wonder how this jackass can sleep at night. He can lay off 2400 EDS employees who work extremely hard to keep their jobs so they can support their families.

    My husband was laid off in July, and he worked very long hours. Day and night, in fact there were nights he would be up until 3 AM because the employees in India had a problem. Well no wonder they have problems in India, they can’t speak English so why did this Mark idiot choose to move most of the EDS/HP business over there?

    I’m so sick of this type of business. Its time for all American’s to stop doing business with companies who choose to out source. My family sure has. HP can kiss my ass, I will not purchase anything they build.

  • William Jones

    I have not idea what my options are but I do know this any products I need will not be purchased from HP. This guy makes 42 million and lays off my brother in law. He wants to send jobs to India then let the people of India buy their products.

  • eds mgr

    OK EDS Get ready. You had all the pay cuts, HP will be shortly cutting SEVERANCE. In the words of a “high level” exec, “Severance is a nicety, it is not required. In the current economic conditions we cannot afford to give niceties”…

  • Pissed off HP employee

    Mark Hurd should resign. He is a bookkeeper with a greedy nature.
    He doesn’t care for the company nor for its people. He is successfull in destroying the HP culture in record time where nobody gives a hoot anymore for hp and where hp was once famous for its loyal workforce this has all but disappeared. HP employees seem to even buy IT products for personal use from competitors rather then purchasing something with an HP badge. We are not proud of the company nor our products anymore. Kick out the miserable greedy perverted sob, time for a revolution

  • Jane Dough

    Ok everyone! Here is the reporter who did the interview with the EDS employee:

    MciLwain, Randy (NBC Universal, KXAS)

    He wants many, many employees to speak to him! He had his story picked up in Philadephia and San Francisco! The more of you that speak out the better!!!

  • 29 yr current hp employee

    After 29 years with this company I can agree with ALL the critical comments to Hurd and his inability to “lead” only cut, stop innovation and purchase (with hp money earned before his time) companies that artifically inflate his revenue (read his 08 bonus and stock options awarded after the meltdown with his BS cut was $42M! in one year!). Anybody can “cut” but it takes a real leader to balance that with the people who are really doing the work. I thought Carly was bad, but Hurd makes her look like a kitten. Since he took over the formula is simple, Ethics = Legal = HP Way. When he cut everyones wages earlier this year (after 3 soild year of excellent profits and no worker wage increase) I comitted to never purchase another HP product (remeber I have worked for this company 29 years) as long as I live. I have recommended that my family does the same and my heart goes out to the owners Bill and Dave. This was a great company.

  • wondering

    Sorry, I meant to say the layoff is 24,000 people who depend on a job to support their families. His huge bonus of 42 million dollars if a joke, has anyone stopped to think about how many employees could have kept their job if this jackass had stopped and said “I don’t want the bonus, lets use it to keep employees”? Of course not he is just a greedy bastard who has a LOT of explaining to do when his time on earth is over and if he makes it to Heaven. Will he hear “job well done” or will he get a high five from hell? I heard he has a very nice alarm system on his home that was well over a hundred thousand dollars, that is more than my husband made in a year at EDS before HP took over and of course before he was laid off.

    I do feel sorry for this jackass and hope one day he will realize how wrong he is. Of course, I also am very upset with Blue Shield since they are moving 80% of their business to India in 2010. I can only say to them, good luck.

    Enough is enough, we need to unite and take our country back. The US has always been very strong yet it seems we are now crumbling. I have written our president and asked why our government is allowing US companies to move their business to India since we need to keep them here. Of course I didn’t get an answer so if other maybe do the same and the white house if flooded with questions, he just might do something. Please give it a try.

  • HP

    You folks should go go look at the HP Blog started by Damian Saunders

  • EDS no more

    I am one more EDSer who has been affected by everything HP has done to us which is detailed in earlier messages.

    Something HAS to be done about the inequity of CEOs making millions while employees are sacrificed in the process.

    I emailed Randy to add my voice to those who have already contacted him. randy.mcilwain@nbcuni.com

    You can also send an email to the president at http://politicsol.com/

    There is also an EDS job forum where employees can share information and experiences about what they are suffering at the hands of HP.

    We need to do everything we can to make what’s going on known to the public and the politicians. We need a serious grass roots effort dedicated to putting a stop to corporate greed. HP and EDS are only one example of this sort of activity on the parts of corporations.

    We can and must do something about it. Make your voice heard. Boycott HP products and the products of other companies known to resort to the same tactics.

    Please help by adding your voice to the growing list of demoralized and angry employees.

  • Sales Manager from India

    Mr Hurd says tht compnesation is down by 5%. But in reality for sales people in India( I do not know about other parts of the world), targets were increased by 25% in a downmarket to ensure that nobody even gets a salary beyond the bare minimum fixed pay which is 50%. In totality SALES employees in India have seen a decrease of well over 50%+5% in salaries.

    During Carly’s tenure atleast we were getting bonus through performance but Hurd has ensured nobody gets beyond 100% on targets n now just 50%. My salary has gone down to less than my first monthly pay I received back in early 2000s.

    I think we need to start an online petition to be submitted to all shareholders before Hurd takes everybody in a herd & fire them all.

  • Dishonorable Shamefull

    Clearly Mark Hurd does not value employees!

  • Another Fed Up HP Employee
  • Another HP Employee from CR

    What about us in costa rica? ISS teams? I haven’t received a raise in 2 years working in here…. I’ve a family, luckily we dont have kids… but I’m earning only $800 /month and it’s even worst here…. almost 12 metrics to match, you need to improve your productivity and obviously we had days in which the queue goes crazy almost 33 calls waiting, after call time less than 5 minutes… how’re you going to remember each metric, and even worst… a guy sends an email which we can’t use aux1, aux2, 7, 6 if the queue is falling… I don’t care handling that… but at least we could have a good salary raise…. last year i received only a readjustment… how much…. only $15… so now I earn 815 dollars… wow… and what’s worst, I help my mom paying the house and by month I need to pay 400 /month….
    Hurd… try to live with my salary.. right now I have only $0.40 dollars in my account…. my wife has even lend me 20 bucks this week….
    This is fustrating… no real growth, no nothing… I want to study but I don’t know where… I’m broking in to tears at this point….. I don’t have any money at all…

  • ed

    seems like GM, AMD and others are planning to restore pay cuts. how much do you all think that Hurd will follow the trend? if he wishes to save people’s respect of him, this is the right thing to do. otherwise, sayonara to you hp. will look for another job beginning next year.

  • NameChange?

    Perhaps HP should consider changing its name. I worked for HP during the days of Bill and Dave; I don’t see how they would want their name s associated with the company today. The company’s ethics seem to go against all their values and beliefs. Bill and Dave realized that a company was only as strong as its employees. When the company did well everyone celebrated, and when times were hard EVERYONE shared the burden.

  • Lilly

    Ah, now that the Voice of the Workforce has closed, the annual benefits SLASHING email has arrived. Note they never let the cuts come before the VOW. No unused vacation will be paid out if you leave or get laid off. Nice, in advance of the usual November 1 butchering of the workforce. Changes to health plans (not in our favor). No announcement that we’ll get any of our pay or performance awards returned, etc. I truly hate HP. It was good until Hurd came. I could smack all the fools that screamed until Carly got thrown out. Look what you did. You got the anti-christ hired at the helm.

  • Lilly:

    Can you email me about this directly? I’m the business columnist at the Mercury News: cobrien@mercurynews.com. Thanks for posting here.

    Chris O’Brien

  • and another angry HP employee

    Has anyone considered getting a union here at HP. It would be a good way to screw them over the way the screw us.

  • Unhappy Canuck

    Well we just went through another round of cuts here in Canada. In my group alone we lost two people (approx 10%).

    …..but Mark I thought by giving up 5% of my salary we were going to save jobs??

    What a load of BS!!

    I’m looking forward to the backlash when Hurd’s 09 proxy filing detailing his compensation is made public. There is so much social unrest in HP due to the gross inequities emparted on us by Hurd and it is destroying this once great company. I have no doubt this will come to bear in the market, but in the short term Hurd and his band of merry men are making out like bandits.

  • Manuel

    Mark Hurd is an asshole, he just dont have any kind of management skills within his employees, and that will take HP down, another year without salary increases, and cutting benefits to the employees, and the company work force will be really down, its true we need the job, but a what cost, he could somehow benefit the employees, but what he do? nothing, firing people, cutting salaries, and thats not an smart way of making business. But hey he is the CEO, why he would care about our needs, the pillars that keep hp up and running

  • Keith

    Just got informed that we no longer will get shift differential, 10% for working Grave Shift. So after the 5% and the 10% an now another 10% paycut, I now make $2100 less than when I started this job 6 yeas ago.
    Back in 1983 I was making this kind of pay.

    When this merger happened and I have been through a few, I stated to fellow co-workers that HP will run EDS like a bank. 9-5, half days on saturday and closed on sunday. They don’t know what they have so they will destroy it and in a few years realize they gave up all the customers by not providing customer service and all the expertise is gone.

    It will take more money to bring it back to what it was, than what they think they are saving now. Just look at Boeing on what they did with all their mergers. They are still trying to recoup what they lost in 2000.

    The department I’m in, when I started, had 25 customers. We were operating in the black. EDS started losing customers by proclaiming they would shut down the current system this year and replace it with a new one that was not even close to the working like the current one.

    Next year we will lose another major customer, leaving us with only 5.

    It is harder to get a customer to come back once you lose them.
    Most of them didn’t want to leave because we offered a great product, is user friendly, we provide great customer support 24/7 and it is easy to get a new customer started. Can be done in a less than 24 hours.

    Oh well, guess I’ll update my resume and start looking.

    Anyone out there, I have 30 years of experience in the Aviation industry.

  • Lilly

    Mark Hurd is the worst thing to ever happen to HP. How he can live with himself is beyond me. If there is a heaven and hell, I’m guessing he should plan for warm weather.

  • I am so very sorry to hear all the comments above.. Trust me guys… I am one of the ex-HP employees in India.. Whom most of you might blame for taking away your jobs!!!! But, we like everyone else just look out for a livelihood and a decent pay to take care of our families..

    Well, coming to the point.. Indian HP employees are as hard hit as anyone else by what Mr. Hurd has done over the years.. Good that I quit HP and found another job before I heard about his multi million dollar bonus…

    Trust me, the 5% pay cut happened in India too and here too when the massive numbers in the workforce make less than $10,000 Per Annum.. Yes, per annum… And this is the salary which he made us to take a cut…

    I wouldnt really like to use any profanity against Mr. Hurd.. I did have a lot of respect when he turned the company to profit after Fiorina left, though I didnt agree on the WFR’s he did.. I lost of one my best friends in that WFR drive.. And yes, he was my peer working out of US….

    We are the same as anyone among you guys.. Just a different country.. But same emotions, same aspirations, families just like yours.. And trust me we learnt a lot from you and capable both technically and on the softer skills too.. Like all of you, we are exploited to the core too 🙂

    And in the recent years, HP a company which I loved has turned into one of the most shitty orgs anyone can imagine.. But whatever, I dont have to crib or worry about it… As I have quit the org.. And am working elsewhere..

  • Hp sucks, here in ireland we work ourselves to the bone, and are working harder for less money, and this 2.5% cut on top of it,
    thank god we had the consent process here, damn right i said no way to a cut, why should i pay for the shareholders to have a merry xmas this yer while i struggle to make ends meet, they throw any repercusions at me for saying no to a cut i have them by the balls under EU legislation and if need be i will pursue HP with action if this happens

  • Life is greener on the outside

    My recommendation to HP employees, Get Out ….. The economy is starting to turn around, and jobs are starting to pop up. I know most HP employees are loyal to a fault. I was that way for years. But those days are over, they have been for quite sometome… Much to the demise of Bill and Dave. HP is not loyal to you, so why should you be loyal to them.

    Working the last several years at HP, I felt the culture was ‘Employment by fear. If you don’t want your job, there are lots of people that would love to have it.’ We kept our heads down and tried to stay focused.

    I spent my last 3-4 years at HP trying to duck WFRs by taking on strategic positions on strategic projects. All it got me was lots of responsiblity, ridiculous hours, and doing a good job so that upper management would get a bonus…. and I still was disposable. I wonder how Mark H. and the other execs would respond if they were treated as disposables. Mark, get the stock price up, and then we are done with you.

    I finally got WFRed per my request. Since I have left HP, I found life again. There are lots of small companies out there that are delighted with the contribution you make to them. my salary was maxed out at HP for the last 5 years, but have received 6% to 9% raises since I left 3 years ago. I was told by my boss how well HP paid me, and there was no way I would find a job that paid this well …… NOT

    In my opinion, HP has gotten too big and all decisions are made with respect to making the large shareholders rich – not the ones like HP employees that may have at most a couple thousands shares of stock. From their perspective Hurd is doing a good job. They do not care about employees, and I don’t think HP is evaluated on HP retention and satisfaction. All big companies are run this way, and for a long time HP was the exception ….per theHP way, not how it has be rationlized today.

    You need to do what is good for you. When I left, I felt HP was not a positive, healthy environment. Since I left, I am convinced that this was the hardest and best decision I ever made. Jobs are starting to pop up …. get out.

  • Just another Devastated HP Employee

    Well, Things aren’t looking good this year either. I dont have a ray of hope that we will even see the 2.5 cut salary being given back.

    You Ask the HR, managers, nobody knows, nobody talks. and I am sure, This year too, its gonna hit me like a thunderbolt. -U aint getting nothing!

    With the close to 10% inflation that we have in our country and the so called great efforts put in by HP to save costs (even at the expense of disposable cups and toilet paper, and coffee vending machines and turning the Airconditioner off unexpectedly!!- will it get any cheaper than this?) we are already earning 20% less than what we used to earn 2 years back.

    The once great organization has become penny wise and pound foolish. There are no long term plans. No vision. By the time the temporary results/flash in the pan that Mr Hurd has created at the expense of the people ends, he will retire for sure with a fat bank balance.- I bet my a** on it.

    There is no progress, there are no trainings, there are no resources, nothing.My hunch is that this wont take HP too far. After all without the great people who made HP what it is (who are leaving by hoards now) who will do the menial work? will Mr Hurd write code and build computers?

    4 years of working my butt off has given me nothing. I leave empty handed, and knowing that HP is not the great place it used to be. Its rotten now. but the problem is,even though I hate it for what it is now, I still love it for what it used to be.

    The moment the former starts weighing more in my brain, I will be off.
    so far HP!!

  • Mark Hurts…….yes this guy HURTS

    Mark Hurd as the name says, is here to layoff hurds of people and drive them to poverty. He’s more like the kind of Hitler who has his own set of wolves (core upper management IPG, TSG etc) who leech employees to the core. This one guy is just reaping the benefits of a Great Company and the core values built by hundreds and thousands of brilliant great individual employees. Hes there to suck all the brand value created over decades and his motive should be more than clear to everyone who still works for HP. C’mmon people, is there no one with guts to roll him out???? I should say SHAME on all those who have commented here and all who just quit selfishly.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see where the savings from cutting my salary to zero went. Nice. How many families have been plunged into foreclosure, no insurance, etc while one person takes the equivalent salary of HUNDREDS of employees. It seems like Bill and Dave would be taking salaries of $1 in these times. What a shame. What a disgrace!!

  • Hoping to be a former HP employee soon

    “We took necessary steps to preserve the muscle of HP and strengthen our competitive position. Those actions worked but we still need to maintain our financial flexibility in the current environment, and so, where legally permissible, we’re keeping base pay flat in this FPR cycle.”

    HA! try keeping your muscle when all your employees quit. j@ck@ass…

  • Josh

    Mark Hurd is a shame of CEO, he doesn’t care about his employees…..
    he should be out of the company and also Ann Livermore…..
    Look at the #’s look at his bonus…am sorry cash bonus…..
    and my question is simple….. What about us?

    Mark, Can you keep a company without employees???

    Thank you for your time Mr. Hurd. Now I understand why people hate HP.

    Shame on you!!!!! Shame on you!!!

  • BOA

    HP Crisis don’t worry come on to Bank Of America

  • There isn’t justice, 24600 have been dismissed and he tried to decrease our salary, also all the benefits are being lost, in my country the employees are leaving because we don’t see an opportunities to grow at HP, and several company like Bank Of America is taking all the HP’s staff, Mark please try to be more intelligent, because if you don’t have happy employees, then all your experimented staff are going out of HP, I think that a person with 42 million might think a little bit more


    I make less than $1.000 dollars a month for working 9hs a day.
    The recent news that we got about not rasing employee salaies for another year are just GREAT F… MARK!!! just what I wanted 2 christmass!!

  • a hp employee

    hp doesn’t give any salary increase in 2009, again!!!
    after cutting off 5% of our salary of 2008, no, not 2008, it’s 2007!! Mark Hurd is a bastard!

  • None

    Sure that I’ll just wait for the economy to turn around. I’m really fed up with this company and its useless management.
    Bring your own cup? Cant ask for a mouse? Budget constraint to buy a pen? Also, unknown beverage called coffee, filter replacing sparkling and when you have toilet paper (a REAL miracle, indeed) you lack of hand paper….and now no raises???
    Thanks, Mark, I’ll make sure that no one I know buy an HP product.

  • ex EDS guy

    The latest news…

    After cutting our salaries of (in average) 5% and announcing freeze in payraises and bonuses Mr. Hurd recently “found” some money to give us bonuses!
    And how hight the bonuses will be? – Up to the ammount of the salary cut in the beginning of the year!!!
    Isn’t it a fantastic idea?
    If I will ever be a CEO I’ll pull the same trick: cut the salaries (the economy is bad), put money in some bank account (make some interest, of course), announce no raises (again, bad economy) and then, a year later find the money you took from your employees (plus interest)!!!
    Now I can be a “good” CEO, who will change my mind and give my people the bonuses!
    WOW! That you can call management!
    And the interest earned? It can be added to CEO’s bonus…

  • Sali

    Mr Hurd, I am not one of your employees ,but I know people who are,that are deciated to your company and work very hard. This year I pray for all the ones who can’t afford a good christmas for their families,for the ones who have to decide to pay bills instead of toys,food, or that special gift for a friend or love one. Mr Hurd I know everyone is bashing you but i want i will pray for you FOR GREED IS ONE OF THE 7 SINS, FOR SURE YOU KNOW THAT, WHAT WILL YOU SAY WHEN YOUR GOD COMES TO YOUR DOOR AND ASK WHY!

  • Hp employee

    I have not got a hike for 3 years now. I really wish someone to show Mark Hurd a way out of the company. He has attacked the core values of the company. I am ashamed to work for HP. He must have reduced the IT from 19000 to 8000. The only difference that made was previously if I had an IT issue it would get solved in 5 minutes but now it takes 48 hours. Sometimes u have to personally go and get their attention. First cheap CEO I have ever seen in my career. He has no standard.. Scourge is the word for him.

  • Ziddi

    Can somebody make Mark Read all this?

  • I have worked for hp for 10 years. I have seen the culture change for the worse. It has been awful. I make less now than what I made when I first started. How is Mark and the other upper management allowed to to improverish the employees while enriching themselves. When I heard what was happening to EDS employees I was ashamed. As an HP employee, I know they must HATE that hp bought them out. EDS was the reason HP made so much money. Why would they screw the EDS employees? I complained, but nobody joined in…. Everyone is afraid. Fuck hp. I can’t afford my mortgage nor car payments nor utilities anymore. Having a job isn’t helping me. If I lose my job, I won’t be that much worse off. Possibly better, if I am able to find a better employer. Fuck Mark Hurd and all upper management. They do not embody the HP way. They really need to change the company name. They don’t embody the spirit of Bill and Dave and they don’t deserve the name recognition that goes with it. HP will fail…. You can’t continue to impoverish your employees and continue to provide quality service. It can’t happen.

  • Disappointed

    Well I only worked for HP since the Compaq merger but when I was laid off this past August I had almost 25 years of service. I do not remember the good old days that a lot of folks talk about here but having come from Digital Equipment Corp originally I can say that I can relate to what the folks are talking about. I was laid off along with 2 others in my groups and due to federal law I was told their age groups. We were all over 40 and I assume had many years in at HP. The current managment at HP is dumping all of the high priced (LOL) expertise and looking to hire kids out of school for half the price and no experience. This will bite them in the butt with customers at some point but by then Hurd will of moved on to his next slaughter and be richer for it. The folks left will not care about the customer just keeping thier jobs and meeting metrics for the bean counters. I was very worried about finding a job when I was laid off due to the economy and a few other thinngs but so far I have been able to find work as an independant consultant making more money then I was at HP and just recently was offered another postion for another global IT company at a 15% raise from my salary before the pay cuts they made. So those of you that do get laid off look around if you have any skills you will find another job and most likley make more money.. Best of luck to all except hurd and the rest of the managment team at HP.

  • dg

    In France, joint effort from the unions and people working in (former) EDS company has made the salary cut inneffective for most people.
    French law consider that the salary is a basement of the contractual relation.
    It is mandatory to have at least something in common between citizens (resp employees) either built in the law or in the action within the unions instead of each one trying to save his own skin in a way or another in front of the company management that is so powerful. Lesson for the future, at least for me…

  • max floyd

    i am hurt.. deeply hurt.. consistently a TOP performer over several years, worked my butt off with no overtime, etc.. but what’s the use? i am paid 30-40% less than the industry standard. i have lost faith, my morale is too low. hp sucks big time, let me get outta here soon, it feels horrible being here.

  • TS

    There is one other cut I have not seen mentioned and it only applies to EDS employees but it was substantial. They are no longer puting into the pention plan which in my case it a 5% cut but it could be as high as 10%. I would also like to mention that I looked at mine recently and I could do better in a savings account, it is only making .4%.

    You know if you watch movies based on medival times you see the same actions that are happening here. You have the Lords (Hurd) and the Nobles (Hurds cronies) with castles and gold chests and you have the peasants (us) scraping by doing what they command so that we are not begging in the streets. They are nothing but tyrants.

  • HP Employee

    The greed continues at HP- so called performance ranking that are really
    forced to fit HR distribution curves so 8%-25% more people are already
    identified to be fired…some as soon as 45 days. No promotions, no raises,
    no bonuses for at least 50-60% of the employees this year all on top of a
    cut in pay in lieu of 20000 people being laid off…. guess what – they got
    laid off anyway! And so it goes- management continues to reward them
    selves with stocks, bonuses and promotions and the working employees get
    …actually less than nothing. Our gross take home pay has decreased every
    year for the last three years! When things turn around… why won’t the best
    of those remaining at HP just walk away? I pray they do – right into the
    arms of the competition. The founders of HP NEVER had this in mind! Shame
    on anyone within HP that supports this way of business….it’s pure greed!!!

  • Pig Shooter

    Capitalist Pig, shame. So you with Mark Hurd and HP, great. be faithful to them but remember, neither you, nor ur mum knows whos responsible for one pair of chromosomes in your body. As long as you got a life, who cares about your surname. Dunno why we always have motherfuck@rs like you, not your fault. Trust me, it took quite a few men for your mum to get you this phat bonus. but who cares if ur mum’s pussy was ripped 9476 times, you still have a life.

  • SL

    We’ll great news guys. HP has raked in yep… you guessed it (pauses for a breath) ONE BILLION DOLLARS OVER EXPECTED PROFIT.

    Now the question is… how does this benefit me? DUH bonus’s!!!!! My manager was given a massive bonus pool that he could hand out to his very sucessful team (me & my work mates, we were brilliant). extra Christmas presents? maybe a holiday? Add it to the savings? well maybe I can afford some socks for X-mas… a holiday at… home, i guess i can buy some pizza and DVD’s, there is no point adding it to the savings.. why? because it was 0.8% of my total salary – I get paid $38,000PA(AU).

    PS. After tax it works out to be less then $400, that’s one hundred thousand times less then Mark Hurd’s. But to be honest I do fuck all at work so he probably does work one hundred thousand times harder then me, lol.