Avistar’s Nasdaq listing in jeopardy again

Avistar Communications was warned again by Nasdaq last month that its shares are at risk of being delisted from its stock market listings. It was warned earlier this year that its stock would be delisted unless it could lift its per-share price above $1, which it finally managed to do on a consistent enough basis in August, when it won a reprieve from Nasdaq.

Now the San Mateo supplier of desktip videonconferencing and online collaboration tools, which has been in an intellectual property battle with Microsoft over numerous patents has seen its market value sink below the minimum $35 million that Nasdaq requires for continued listing.

The company has been given a 30-day grace period until Dec. 22 to to regain compliance with the $35 million market cap rule by recording a minimum closing bid price of $1.02 for a minimum of ten consecutive business days.


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