Is TheRealAlGore on Twitter actually the real Al Gore?

Last night, I got a momentary thrill when I received an e-mail from Twitter saying I was now being followed by TheRealAlGore. Really? Neat.

I had met the real Al Gore just a couple weeks ago at an event hosted by Twitter and Current TV, which the real Al Gore co-founded. I asked him if he was using Twitter. He said no, but that he planned to get on board the next day.

So, I asked around Twitter to see if anyone knew whether @TheRealAlGore was The Real Al Gore?

I even sent the account a direct message, but haven’t heard back.

I saw dozens of other folks asking the same question last night. The profile page has a link to a new blog calle: An Inconvenient Blog: The most terrifying blog you’ll ever read. Clearly, there was a lot of skepticism. But equally clear was that no one new for sure whether this was legit or an elaborate prank.

If it’s the latter, someone went to a lot of trouble. The blog is very slick. And all the personal info and sponsorships make sense. Over at Mashable, someone poked around the registration for the site, which has been made private.

The general feeling is that this seems to be a hoax. But then, no one seems to know absolutely for sure.

So, anyone know for sure?


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