TechCrunch and CNET launch redesigned sites this week

In what must be an absolute coincidence, two of the Web’s most vital technology sites unveiled redesigns this week: CNET and TechCrunch.

TechCrunch went from this:

to this:

In a post on TechCrunch on Wednesday, the editors explained the new features and the reasons behind the new look:

“Our overarching goal was to clean things up, both on the surface and under the hood. TechCrunch had become bloated in many ways, with the homepage taking way too long to load and the scroll bar going on forever and ever.”

I haven’t ready all 351 comments on the post, but the first couple of pages are not kind.

Meanwhile, CNET’s new corporate parent, CBS, overhauled the tech news site which has been around since 1992. (Though it’s had several makeover since then). The new look emphasizes video, no surprise I guess:

In a press release about the redesign, CBS Interactive notes what I think may be the most interesting and exciting development:

“Beneath the Web site’s surface, CNET moved all its data behind an API (Application Programming Interface).  This open architecture creates deeper and more meaningful engagement with consumers by giving developers open access to CNET’s content and allowing simple integration of content from advertisers, and additional product reviews from partners.”

All online news sites should be thinking about moving to an open API, which should allow developers to create applications that will help gain wider exposure for the site’s content. I’ll be curious to see whether this move attracts any significant interest or applications by outside developers.

So who did the better job?


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