“Sen. John McCain is in some ways outsmarting Sen. Obama when it comes to Internet marketing. One example: As of Wednesday, a Google search for ‘Joe Biden’ or even just ‘Biden’ resulted in a prominently displayed ad labeled ‘Joe Biden on Obama’ that links to Sen. McCain’s site. There, a video begins playing that shows Sen. Biden criticizing Sen. Obama during the Democratic primaries. The move mimics the ‘ambush’ strategy that advertisers often employ: buying a competitor’s term so that an ad for the buyer’s own product appears when a consumer searches for the other brand.”

The Wall Street Journal says the McCain campaign is a step ahead when it comes to search-related ad strategy


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  • Ray Thackeray

    Isn’t it interesting that when the Republican party finally do catch up with Obama’s internet presence, it’s with something underhanded, low, mean-spirited and verging on the illegal! I guess a leopard just can’t change its spots.

  • Boris Arthropoda

    This trick no longer works; it now points to a legit biography. Imagine: actually getting VALID information from the internet… gasp!
    The life span of these “google bombs” must be getting shorter: the link from Googling “miserable failure” (which pointed to a bio of Bush) lasted about 2 years, before Google over-rode it.
    Pity, at least it had a sense of humor…

  • Typical Carl Rove crap.

  • Ron Dodge

    The good news about these “Google bombs” is that the average surfer has a clue, and will see them for the deception that they are. If nothing else, the Republicans are teaching us to be more discerning consumers (if not disgusted and cynical, as well).

  • Redmond

    I guess “Miserable Failure” was typical liberal crap, eh Landy? What’s actually interesting is the number of readers who see this as a problem when somebody gets around to goring their ox. No sympathy here, folks.