Yahoo holds a meeting of the bored

Anyone still hoping for a little drama out of the annual shareholders meeting that Yahoo postponed while it was busy not doing a deal with Microsoft ended up disappointed today. With only about 200 shareholders rattling around inside a 1,000-seat ballroom in San Jose, the meeting was an anticlimactic serving of leftovers. Management repeated its post-Microsoft mantras: the deal was lousy, we know what we’re doing, and Carl Icahn is a swell guy. A few shareholders registered the usual complaints about executive compensation and human rights. The board was re-elected. And that was about that.

In fact, the only real news broke outside the ballroom, with word that Time Warner had decided not to let former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller out of his non-compete agreement in order to serve on Yahoo’s board. Miller was a consensus choice among current management and new director Icahn to join the board, and reportedly had secured Time Warner’s agreement. And while Time Warner is now saying it never signed off on Miller’s move, other sources are reporting that CEO Jeff Bewkes had second thoughts and reversed himself in a call last night.


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  • Would have been interesting to see this on video!

  • sandybutt

    They should enjoy the food even if they are just leftovers. There may not be a whole lot of Yahoo shareholders’ meetings left once MSFT picks them up for a whole lot less within a year!

    That’s what happens to people who don’t know when to take the money and run – PointCast, NetScape, Napster, etc and these things go down to zero very quickly!