Wearable digital media to be a focus of research center formed by two Asian universities

Reshaping our lifestyle in the “connected society” is the goal of a new research center to be formed as a joint ventures between Keio University, the oldest university in Japan and one of its most prestigious, and the National University of Singapore. It will be Keio’s first full-scale international research center located outside of Japan, according to a press release issued Friday.

Plans for the center, to be called the Keio-NUS CUTE Centre — CUTE standing for Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments (to be explained shortly) — were announced Friday at the 14th annual International Symposium on Electronic Art being being held in Singapore by that country’s senior minister of state for education and information, Lui Tuck Yew.  Employing experts from various disciplines including technologists, designers, and ethnographers, the center will involve “innovative researches into the theme of ‘5 Seconds of Fun’,” focusing on:

“pervasive content for wearable and body media based on the principle that digital computing devices and media will no longer just be in a personal computer or mobile phone in the future. Instead of carrying digital media, one will be able to wear it, or even have it embedded directly in the body. For example, a necktie may become a display and antenna; a person’s ears could become a media controller and receiver.”


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