Podcast: Interview with Marvin Ammori of Free Press about FCC’s Comcast decision

Last week, the Associated Press reported that Kevin Martin, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission said he would recommend that the other four commissioners rule that cable giant Comcast had violated the agency’s principles regarding open access to the Internet. While the ruling is not final, the statement marks a major victory for Free Press, a non-profit advocacy group that filed the original complaint against Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company.

On Monday, I interviewed Marvin Ammori, general counsel for the Free Press. We talked about what happened last week, what happens next, and why we should all care.

For background, the original complaint is here. And more background on the history of the fight can be found here.

Going forward, Martin needs two more commissioners to sign on to his proposed decision within the next couple of weeks for it to become official. While the FCC is not recommending a fine, Ammori said his group would be satisfied with the ruling that Martin has proposed.


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  • You da man

    Marvin!!! Keep fighting!

  • Keith Richard Radford Jr

    Thank you for the MP3 and coverage of the information.

  • Dale Lanan

    Hopefully a clear and powerful message will be sent by the FCC to keep internet access open and free. It’s going to take innovation, hard work and courage to overcome the obstacles which have built up over time that now threaten the common good in such a huge way. Thanks for the update about what’s going on. This is huge.

  • Dale Lanan

    It’s now almost 3yrs later and the FCC has done a pathetic job of sort of protecting free speech on the internet. The internet remains defined as a service provided by internet service providers instead of having been restored to the classification of communications which it had been before the Bush era FCC redefined it as a corporate asset. The Supreme Court is likely to dash any hope the FCC can regulate the internet to any great degree and even now the FCC has said the wireless internet is largely not bound by government oversight but in corporate hands instead.

    I feel the ability to go on line could be taken away at any time.

  • Dale Lanan

    I watch the internet for accuracy of reporting and use entries to online conversations to identify what different search engines highlight or hide.
    It seems that getting too close to changing direction of thinking toward keeping Earth alive by hitting a keynote phrase or something triggers elimination of comment and the casting of things into the chaos of lies..
    Fact is Earth is going over the top in greenhouse with Arctic Sea ice loss.
    It, in extreme degree will trigger melt of ice crystal holding CH4 in place.
    anonymous friends in high places have taken notice of internet feed stuff.
    Corporate power-that-be have taken notice and attempt to curtail internet.
    Anonymous upload capability remains outlet for truth threat to Corporate.
    Somethings’ happening here and in showdown with whole Earth at stake..

  • Dale Lanan

    I’m frightened, almost too frightened to even look at Arctic News site and to see what’s happening now with findings of science on extent of coverup and neglect of trying to keep ice on Arctic and methane release at bay.. It seems a runaway has been being covered up and Earth is in a very dire danger of terminal heat..
    Now if I Google my first name I can track what’s linked to first order magnitude thoughts on mind of people in power albeit not directly in charge of ‘hard power’.
    Thoughts need to get out there and people need to know the need for their voice.. The power of what they say if they mean no harm and speak sincere from the heart.. Speak up for the little guys and with courage and hope’s alive. I sure hope people wake up and can help head off current course now.
    The power of the internet to get things going and to encourage peace is great and peace is needed to make a undying, unquenchable desire to live..
    To have chance to alter Earth’s fate and to make the transition fun and real..

  • The situation with internet communications is one where prosecution of whistle blower pushed by main line corporate power in charge of NATO at least rules. -However the view from N Pole this day shows open water while satellite view shows vast increase of open water and methane rising into sky with storm too.
    I don’t have time to do thesis and prove what I say but we need to act.. Act ASAP and faster than possible. In exact way to stop a perfect storm forming.
    Further information is on line there indicates -The World is Ending.
    Further input to undo this situation effectively takes Act of God alteration 2C.
    We need to make a logic based response based in real time to undo harm from the right of monetary hold of what keeps us down. We need Peace too.
    Terra Firma in a hothouse isn’t safe anymore and neither is totality of life Sea.
    Security needs new definition involving the creation of Open system economy.
    Allowing the will to live to power the enterprise of all toward common good ie the game called 2C.
    We either win this at this late date or forever hold our peace against regret Large.
    We need to engage Earth systems of biologic open system to enhance good faith efforts..
    Earth systems loss is on the rad raw edge of communication tech within vast Universe.
    There are communication above our ability 2C and sync in which others are praying.. I pray for grain and gentle rain and for a place for children to play..
    I used to pray many times when overwhelmed and fading in faith like Mica…
    To seek justice and love kindness and somehow to humbly walk with God..
    However I deliberately changed that to actively ask for Bravery and Courage and to not flag in my determination to do whatever I can to try and keep eArt..
    The reason for bravery is put to the test and the means of a sea change Real.
    It isn’t beyond our ability to understand at some common moment the need.
    The need for open communications ability on net worldwide to enable change.
    But the reality is the physical condition of Earth is possibly beyond fixing now.
    Still there is reason to believe root change to fiduciary worldwide with sudden application and wish to do no harm can remove the ability of externalization of harm. From creation and use of money as it now stands. We need bike trails..
    WE can use hydrogen to do heavy lifting and for power and storage.. We can make a open system to match and complement Nature and Earth’s open systems.. WE can do so much if we make a frame in which to write and write of the ways in which full force of human potential can be brought to bear w fun..
    Otherwise there will be unfortunately great pain unimaginable in the Universe.
    There is little time to speak but we need to act and do so without reward type that is common currency now. We need to basically jump the shark and Yahoo
    Because there is no more fun than trying to win a game when it is challenge.. carbon form o molecule to trap heat needs mitigation and science accelerated . The strength of atom C12 is based on its form and the surroundings it has..
    Methane at large can be broken by pulse of radio bombardment intercept form approx at 1356 MHZ. There are other means at our disposal to take action to try and pull back the force of temp rising. But mankind thinks taboo..
    It is very frustrating to live among so much chaos and small beady eyed thinking of even the leaders of our land. It is frustrating to see religion right now. It is very discouraging to see good plans ignored now and Earth dying.