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You’re looking for a “phone”? Oh, you mean a communitainment transceiver

As if there weren't enough to consider in selecting what for now we'll continue to call a mobile phone, these days -- in addition to picking carrier, voice and data plan, handset and features -- you're also committing to Read More →


"I was using Google software -- a lot of it -- in the last year, and slick as it is, there's just too much of it that is regularly broken. It seems like every week 10% of all the features Read More →

Off Topic

Sumopaint, for creating and editing images through your browser; Posterous -- post anything to the Web via e-mail; and Instant Origami. Read More →

Sigma agrees never again to do what it denies ever doing

On Friday, Sigma Designs filed a settlement it has reached of litigation filed against it over claims of stock option backdating, which the company completely denies. Then Read More →

Icahn blogs about why he can’t blog about his fight with Yahoo

Shareholder activist and current Yahoo nemesis Carl Icahn felt it necessary to file his blog post of this morning with the SEC as an attachment to his proxy Read More →

Quantum discloses plan for reverse stock split as shares hit all-time low

Quantum, the San Jose supplier of computer storage products that a decade ago ranked among the ten biggest companies in Silicon Valley, filed its 2008 proxy Friday Read More →
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