Icahn blogs about why he can’t blog about his fight with Yahoo

Shareholder activist and current Yahoo nemesis Carl Icahn felt it necessary to file his blog post of this morning with the SEC as an attachment to his proxy filing offering a rival slate of nominees to serve on Yahoo’s board of directors. If his proxy fight with Yahoo fails, he may at least have a nice list of subscribers to his blog.

Regarding Your Comments on Yahoo

Posted by Carl Icahn June 27, 2008: 10:16 AM

Many of you have been asking me about Yahoo. Please remember I am in the middle of a proxy fight. A proxy fight involves a complicated process of SEC approvals, federal securities laws, filing requirements and a great deal of time and money.

At this time, due to SEC regulations, I do not intend to post your comments regarding the proxy fight. However, I am planning to give you my views about Yahoo and its management shortly. If you wish to be informed I invite you to subscribe. Stay tuned.


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  • Ed

    He doesn’t seem to want to blog about anything controversial. I tried to post the following message on his blog and it never appeared. What’s the use of having a blog if you’re going to sensor the material you don’t like?

    “Mr. Icahn, please also give us your views on XO Communications. Many minority shareholders are concerned that you may issue a rights offering that will cause massive dilution to current shareholders instead of extending the maturity date of the debt and renegotiating the strike and maturity date of the preferred. I would also like to know why the majority of the BOD’s are employees or affiliates of yours instead of having a truly independent BOD. I believe if you were the minority shareholder of XO you would be VERY vocal concerning the drop in share price from $8.33 to less than a buck. I don’t mean to be rude but your handling of this situation seems rather hypocritical. Thank you in advance for your comments regarding this matter.”

  • RaiulBaztepo

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