Yahoo executive departure of the day

People (including me) have been moaning and complaining for weeks, nay months, that it’s time for Yahoo’s Jerry Yang to go. Well, it seems he’s digging in. Instead there’s a mass exodus of big execs from Yahoo that started as a trickle and quickly turned into a flood this week.

Brad Garlinghouse.

The flickr founders.

Yahoo’s open source guy.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Here’s the NY Times’ Miguel Helft on the drama.

This all happened just a week after Yahoo announced its final rebuff of Microsoft in favor of a deal with Google. And the reason for the departures finally emerged Thursday night: A massive reorganization at Yahoo. Details, naturally, are still sketchy. From the Wall Street Journal:

“As Yahoo Inc. attempts to move beyond its takeover battle with Microsoft Corp., the Internet company is planning a reorganization that is sending ripples through its executive ranks.

Yahoo executives are discussing a plan to centralize numerous product groups, such as its mail, search and home-page divisions, into a global-product organization, according to people familiar with the matter. The plan is being pushed by Yahoo President Susan Decker, who has been looking to improve communication between Yahoo’s product teams and overseas-sales groups, according to these people.”

There seems to be a lot of glee out there about all of this. Perhaps it’s deserved. Perhaps it’s overdue. If Yang is going to stay, it seems he’s going to have to put a firmer hand on the reigns. But Matthew Ingram of the Toronto Globe & Mail asks the most important question:

“Do Sue Decker and Jerry Yang have a vision for whatever’s left once all the departures are done with?”

If they do, they need to tell us quickly, before that Aug. 1 shareholder meetings. Otherwise, Yang and company may be getting an extended vacation themselves.


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