Why I’m still one year away from buying an iPhone

Last year, when Apple released the first iPhone, it was an easy decision to pass. First, the price was way too high. Second, it was on a sluggish mobile network known as “Edge.” Third, the memory was just too small. And finally, it didn’t work with Microsoft Outlook.

That’s four strikes against it. But more than that, I don’t tend to be earliest of adopters. And figured many of these things would be fixed when Apple released iPhone 2.0.

And based on Steve Jobs’ keynote on Monday, they have. The new phone is on the much faster third generation mobile network, or “3G.” It works with Microsoft Outlook. At $199 or $299, it’s much cheaper. It has more memory. Bravo.

Apple is touting this new version as a device for the mainstream. All of these improvements will help move it closer to that goal. It needs to move beyond the geek crowd for Apple to reach its goal of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

For all these reasons, I’m getting closer to being a believer. But I figure I’ll wait another year before getting an iPhone. Here’s why:

Price: Just a few months after Apple released the first iPhone, it dropped prices. There’s no reason to think that will happen again. And yes, they offered some folks rebates last time. But on the other hand, it seems best to sit back and wait to see if consumer demand forces Apple and AT&T to make other changes.

Memory: Yes, there’s more memory. But the bigger phone with 16 GB is still only about half of my iPod’s 30 GB. I like having a device that lets me carry around all my music and video files. I’d have to cull them to fit on the iPhone. I figure in about another year, Apple will increase the memory on a device that won’t be that much more expensive.

Contract: The $199 iPhone requires a 2-year contract at a higher price that essentially offsets the lower price of the device. Makes sense from a marketing standpoint to tempt people. But more money is still more money.

Keyboard: While the iPhone scores numerous points for its elegance and interface, I’m still not wild about the keyboard. We’ll see if it’s improved with the new iPhone. But I still like the keypad on my BlackBerry for doing my most essential task: Managing my e-mail.

So for now, I’ll stick with my BlackBerry Curve. And I’ll wait patiently for the next earth-shaking announcement about iPhone 3.0 to come from Apple.

What do you think? For other iPhone holdouts, has the new version convinced you to switch devices, upgrade, and get an iPhone?


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  • Good call. I think the prices are headed downward for the Iphone. We will see more features soon. But I think there will be more c