Late night with Microsoft, Yahoo….and Facebook?

There’s all sorts of nuttiness floating around late Sunday night now that Microsoft and Yahoo have announced that talks are back on. The twist now is that apparently Microsoft just wants Yahoo’s search business and may be willing to pay a bundle for it. PodTech founder John Furrier has been tweeting all night about being camped out in a Palo Alto hotel where Microsoft and Yahoo reps are supposedly hunkered down trying to furiously finish up a deal.

But Furrier thinks there’s another twist in store: Microsoft wants to turnaround and buy Facebook. For $20 billion! Furrier doesn’t cite any sources for this last bit of speculation. But it’s certainly intriguing.

Questions yet to be answered: How much would this really help Microsoft compete against Google? What would be left of Yahoo? Or rather, what would Yahoo do with the leftovers? It would certainly have a big bundle of cash to get a fresh start. But given the distinct lack of leadership (more on that tomorrow), lack of money and resources isn’t necessarily the problem. And if the Facebook thing is true, how will Microsoft pull off this massive integration challenge?

So much for a quiet week before the Memorial Day holiday.


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