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  • MSFT v. YHOO: Everyone stay calm! (or Part III)

    Sure, Yahoo employees are probably still walking around in a fog hours after they learned someone had painted a big, red target on the back of their company. But what […]

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  • MSFT v. YHOO: Part 2

    MSFT v. YHOO: Part 2

    What’s a deal without a Power Point? Here’s Microsoft’s PP courtesy of the filing they made with the SEC. Any chance Ballmer did this himself? Okay, every time you see some version […]

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  • Microsoft to Yahoo: Let us prey

    You could watch it playing out like one of those “nature, red in tooth and claw” documentaries. There was the wildebeest (played by Yahoo), slowed by a nagging groin injury, […]

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  • MSFT v. YHOO: There will be blood

    MSFT v. YHOO: There will be blood

    We’ll have more later. But here’s a quick link to Darth Ballmer’s letter to Yahoo. Meanwhile, there are so many important questions in the wake of this proposed deal. Will Microsoft […]

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  • Streaming Beatles music finally available — to aliens

    We’ve waited a long time for the Beatles catalog to appear in digital form, and we’ll wait a while longer, but not as long as any extraterrestrials in the neighborhood […]

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  • Quoted

    “We’ve been told we have to trade off security and privacy so often … that most of us don’t even question the fundamental dichotomy. But it’s a false one. Security […]

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  • Off Topic

    Frozen Grand Central, the latest mission of Improv Everywhere, and a Steve Martin essay on “Being Funny.” Oh, and did I mention we now have comics? True. In a nod […]

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