“When I hear stuff this utterly stupid, it makes me want to scream. … Piles of torn out hair are accumulating around my desk as we speak. I’m certain that by blocking blogs for official use, our airmen will never, ever be able to read them on their own home computers, so we have indeed saved them from a contaminating influence. Sorry, didn’t mean to drip sarcasm on your rug.”

A senior Air Force official is unimpressed with the service’s new restrictions on access to independent blogs


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  • RedRat

    To the Senior Air Force Official:
    “Ignorance is fixable, stupidity is forever”!

  • Kevin

    It’s easier when you tell only have the story. This line from the articles should have been included:

    Now there’s the Air Force’s argument, that blogs aren’t legitimate media outlets — and therefore, shouldn’t be read at work.

    “Read at Work”. Important words that underscores the lie in the implication of the “Senior Air Force Official” that the intent was to prevent access because of content that might not be favorable. The AF now has a policy that matches that in place in HUNDREDS OF CIVILIAN CORPORATIONS who aren’t in the least concerned about negative or unfavorable content. The concern is productivity. I don’t see any evidence either that this individual is an Air Force “Official” delgated to offer the Service’s position on the matter. He or she may be an Air Force officer (something completely different) but in the AF, those are a dime a dozen (or 24 for a nickel). Now the poor guy’s access to Britney Spears panty blog is blocked by the AF, I guess he’s got time to spout off instead of helping draft a policy that would allow the use of a whitelist and selectively open access to blogs that actually help in carrying out the AF mission. Please stop enabling the whiners….