Off Topic

Coming in spring, Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope — technology that made Robert Scoble weep with wonder, Fail Dogs (thanks, JP), and some amazing mazes. Also, this slice of life from the porch of the Villa Murrell, tucked in the Silicon Valley sprawl. Last evening, as the birds are settling in, I hear the squeaky flutter of a mourning dove down the way, and then, thwap, a hawk makes a hard landing on the sidewalk below me in a cloud of feathers from the dove in his claw. He sits there for a few seconds, giving me a long, hard look, like, “What, you got somethin’ to say, pal?” then glides off to have dinner. This morning I’m watching a hummingbird build her nest on a branch barely an arm’s length from the porch. She’s making quick runs to the sidewalk and back, carpeting her little twig cup with the dove’s down. And so it goes.


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  • Great visual, John. And a great encapsulization of life in general.