“In the many YouTube videos that capture Mayer talking to students at Stanford or making presentations at tech conferences, she comes across like a midlevel associate at an accounting firm. She is precise and methodical, even a bit soporific, and appears attractive in a Brooks Brothers or Talbots sort of way. But in person — tonight, anyway — she looks Grace Kelly gorgeous, a tall, blue-eyed beauty with blond hair pulled back from her fresh face. She is much livelier than you might imagine, and her clothes are anything but humdrum. For better or worse, Mayer is infatuated with the color purple, and she wears a formfitting deep-purple dress by C.D. Greene with small black mirrors that catch and reflect light. Together with the bedroom’s violet walls — replicated from one of her favorite cashmere sweaters — the look announces her love of eye-poppingly bright colors and Marimekko-type patterns.”

Julian Guthrie, writing a profile for San Francisco magazine, gives Google’s Marissa Mayer the kind of treatment other tech execs can only dream about (I wonder what Jerry Yang’s favorite color is?)


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