Now Palm execs will even be able to afford the iPhone…

Earlier this year, Palm announced a complicated deal where it’s selling part of itself to Elevation Parners for $325 million and restructuring itself and doing a bunch of corporate-y stuff that will make your eyes roll back into head.

But here’s one thing that won’t tax your brain. In a prospectus filed today asking shareholders to approve whatever it is they want to do, Palm outlined some details of the deal. That includes that current stock will be converted into shares into the new company, plus current shareholders will get $9 for each share they own.

The document also disclosed how much stock current insiders own, and at $9 per share, they’re in line for a sweet payday if shareholders approve the deal. As a group, directors and executives hold 6.979 million shares, which a $9 per share would collect $62,817,138.

The top beneficiaries and their potential payday:

*Eric A. Benhamou, chairman: $5,167,368
*Donna L. Dubinsky, CEO of the original Palm: $16,065,522
*Edward T. Colligan, current president and CEO: $10,617,480


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