“You don’t see many ads for [Apple TV] on TV, even though Apple is blitzing the airwaves with iPod and iMac spots, and after living with one for the past few weeks, I think I see why. It’s just not very good. It’s about as uninspired as another prominent dud, the Zune, the MP3 player Microsoft launched last year. In fact, the Apple TV is so Zune-like, you’d think Jobs was so busy with the iPhone that he outsourced the Apple TV project to the folks up in Redmond.”

Brent Schlender, Fortune editor-at-large, delivers the unkindest cut of all


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  • Uh yeah, like we don’t know there are so many reviews saying it’s great that Schlender seems to have mistaken a Windows Media Center PC for an Apple TV maybe?

    TV – even Jobs admits it’s a concept product – a “Hobby” for Apple at this point, and guesses in 18 months they’ll have it right. Yep, just about the time we’re downloading 1080i Movies with it.

  • Greg

    Sure, the hype coming from Apple about it is bad, but as someone who has two terabytes of DVD and CD rips on my home computer, I’m in desperate need of a device to cross-play with my tv and all my other networked storage in my house. The cost of an AppleTV is minimal. The only reason I haven’t shelled out my lunch money for one is that it only has an HDMI and a component-out which don’t work with any of my low-end electronics. Otherwise, it’s far easier than hooking up my wife’s laptop or digging out the kids’ DVDs (wherever they are: upstairs, downstairs, closet, toy chest, grandparents, car player, etc.) everytime we want to watch a particular movie. I’m still interested in getting my hands on one.