Fake e-mail takes Apple stock for a dip

Users are hounding Engadget today, after the tech news site apparently reported a delay in Apple’s iPhone and the Leopard OS that turned not to be true.

An e-mail sent to all Apple employees this morning said a press release was forthcoming indicating that iPhone and Leopard would be delayed, which Engadget caught wind of and based its first report on. An hour and a half later, Engadget reports, Apple employees received another e-mail:

“You may have received what appeared to be a Bullet*News from Apple. This communication is fake and did not come from Apple. Apple is on track to ship iPhone in late June and Mac OS X Leopard in October.”

Word of the incorrect report spread quickly among the passionate Apple user community and around the blogosphere, resulting in a morning dip in Apple’s stock, which has since recovered.

Apple is presumably on the hunt for the source of the phony e-mail. This couldn’t all be about checking for where Apple’s leaks are, could it? Or perhaps a criminal ploy to get a Apple stock at a discount?


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  • Mike

    this is a leak audit….

  • This is a very telling story of the state of the blogosphere:
    1. Skewed demographics toward Apple enthusiasts.
    2. The goals of a blog is speed, not accuracy. That’s because speed of information is more important because it’s tied to traffic which in turn is tied to revenue.
    3. The public doesn’t distinguish the difference between a story in Engadget and one in the NYTimes.

    More here: http://www.sparkminute.com/?p=156