Vonage not dead — again

Internet telephone company Vonage has been brought back from death’s door so often lately, you’d think it was a patient on “House.” Suffering from a serious case of patent infringement and the resulting legal side effects, Vonage first promised workarounds to rid itself of Verizon’s technology, then just last month told the court it had no workarounds and wasn’t sure there were any (see “The code name ‘Project Vapor’ should have been a clue“).

Well, apparently there’s been a breakthrough, because today, in the course of reporting a narrower first-quarter loss, CEO Jeffrey Citron said at least two workarounds were almost working. “We believe we have workable designs for the two name translation patents and intend to begin deploying the solution to our customers shortly,” said Citron. “In addition, we are continuing our development of the workaround for the wireless patent.” Citron said that the software fixes would be deployed with no need for users to do anything special and that the cost would be marginal. Given the history, some skepticism may still be in order, but the news was enough to lift the company’s battered stock by about 8 percent.


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