Backlash, backtrack, and McCracken’s back in

Score one for the good guys. After resigning last week as editor in chief of PC World in a clash with CEO Colin Crawford over editorial independence (see “PC World CEO seriously injured after falling into credibility gap“), Harry McCracken is back at the magazine’s helm and Crawford has been quietly eased back into the IDG corporate hierarchy.

“I made a bigger statement by leaving than I thought I was making,” McCracken told Wired’s Kim Zetter, “and now I’m making an even bigger statement in coming back because I’m 100 percent confident that PC World will continue to be a place where editors decide how to serve the people who use their content. I would never have come back unless I was completely confident of that.”

Crawford had only a few lines in this final act and they must have been tough to deliver convincingly. “It’s excellent news that Harry has decided to stay on at PC World as the editorial leader,” he is quoted as saying. “I am excited to move back to a corporate role at IDG as EVP Online, where I can focus on various online opportunities for IDG, both in the U.S. and on a global basis.”


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  • Rob Menke

    How many people actually have read the love/hate top ten lists at the heart of this “controversy”? Pablum, and recycled pablum at that: a cherry-picked list of two-year-old issues that have little if any bearing on Apple today.,130980/article.html,130994/article.html

    McCracken seems too smart to ever want to print this tripe. I suspect there was more to the negotiations than an insipid, uninformative commentary; that McCracken used the controversy to discredit his boss and strengthen his own position for a more private battle.

    Then again, maybe it’s just paranoia. People have quit for far more stupid reasons: Jack Parr’s famous example immediately comes to mind.

  • The people united will never be defeated. Or something like that.

    Huzzah for Harry and PC World. But don’t expect Harry and Colin to be hugging at the next IDG picnic.