He should have seen this coming

Noted spoon-bender Uri Geller does not take kindly to those who question his psychic abilities and has been known to wield the law as a cudgel, though with little success. So you didn’t need to be clairvoyant to guess that he’d register objections to a 13-minute video on YouTube demonstrating how some of Geller’s feats smell. But Geller asked YouTube to make the video disappear on the basis of a claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act — a bold move, considering he apparently holds copyright to only three seconds of the footage.

This is just the sort of DMCA abuse that really gets under the skin of groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and yesterday the EFF filed suit against Geller on behalf of the skeptic who posted the video. “We’ve seen a rash of people abusing the DMCA lately, attempting to take down legitimate criticism and commentary online,” said EFF Staff Attorney Jason Schultz. “To allow thin-skinned public figures like Uri Geller to abuse this system forces critics to remain silent and creates unfair hurdles for free speech to thrive online.” No official response from Geller, but if you concentrate really hard, you can probably make a good prediction.


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