Redmond-based me-toos celebrate finally sort of matching competitors’ webmail clients

Our friends in Redmond officially launched Windows Live Hotmail this morning.

The new service includes some Web 2.0 functionality — AJAX navigation and improved sorting, specifically — that its competitors (i.e., Google and Yahoo) have featured for a while, and at the same time raising its storage max to 2 GB in an age when others have already dumped storage caps entirely.

Later this month, the new offering will include Microsoft Outlook Connector beta. The service allows users to view and manage their Windows Live Hotmail using desktop Outlook, a usability convenience for those who like Outlook but don’t have access to their own e-mail server.

Pssst… even if you didn’t beta, here’s how to get yourself a “signature badge.” We won’t tell.


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  • Matt Shike

    I’ve been using Outlook to access Hotmail for years. This is something that Microsoft used to allow. When they shut off the feature a while back I was “grandfathered in” because I was an active user of Hotmail via Outlook. Now if only they would set up automatic forwarding so I could dump Hotmail in favor of one of the alternatives…

  • Rich

    I used to like Hotmail, but Microsoft killed my account when I went on vacation a few years ago. Silly me, I didn’t look at a computer for more than 30 days!

  • Craig

    Goodie! A prize!!! Lame.

  • Ed

    Psst…it’s one thing to compare Live Hotmail with Yahoo, but please don’t include Gmail.

    Gmail was “cool” when it first came out…and that’s where it’s been…and still is. Yahoo’s interface is by far the best among the 3 heavy hitters as far as UI is concerned (we’re talking AJAX anyway right?). Live Hotmail is a very close 2nd.