“It’s the regulatory environment, the cultural attitudes, the social and professional networks that connect people. It’s the attitude toward failure – how you deal with that. Those are things that are much harder to change than it is to build up the research facilities.”

— Nanostellar chairman and Stanford emeritus professor Bill Miller on the short- and long-term advantages of Silicon Valley against increasing global competition


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  • Carl Rosenberg

    Sounds like more of the same old blah blah about how great Silicon Valley is. Probably said much the same on the Titanic, and go to any corner of the world and you will find local boosters telling you how great their place is.

    Breathing your own exhaust fumes isn’t helpful. Silicon Valley has real problems, not least of which are business cliquishness and various infrastructure distortions (immigration controls, and a newcomer-hostile housing market).

    It may be an OK place to start up a $30M seed round VC funded company , it is not a particularly good place for smaller, non-clique firms. And it is getting old.

  • housing skyhi…a lot of jobs outsourced…thousands actually…small cutting-edge firms left out…let us be real…everyone wants to be the next Jobs and company or Google…meaning small garage start-ups that then make billions and billions…still can happen but it must be a product or service that u ironclad copyrighted that then has a huge mega mega market demand…