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4/29truth, a site dedicated to exposing the real story behind the so-called “traffic accident” that destroyed a section of highway in the Bay Area, and Tequila, the wonder drug, which may or may not have anything to do with the previous site. (Thanks, Bruce)


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  • Alan

    Yep, the photo “proof” is a bad photoshop job, if you adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo you can see that the explosion image was scanned at a higher resolution than the video image. And that the explosion image was a rectangle simply pasted over the background of the video with no attempts to blend it out. Plus the other photos of the aftermath don’t show what appear to be an explosion.
    But, why would the Governor visit the site of what appears to be a simple traffic accident?

  • Marckus Thorensen

    Your providing this link is an insult to thinking people. Did you read that garbage? Neither do they have anything to offer but worthless speculation nor do they make any sense in that speculation by trying to blame the whole thing on some delusion of a gay agenda supporting Critical Mass.

    What rot! You should be ashamed.

  • John Murrell

    Uh, Marckus, of course it’s rot — or devastating, straight-faced satire. Either way, the link is offered for entertainment purposes only.