“I don’t think the over 90 percent of the [population] who use Windows PCs think of themselves as dullards, or the kind of klutzes that somebody is trying to say they are. … I don’t know why [Apple is] acting like itโ€™s superior. I don’t even get it. What are they trying to say? Does honesty matter in these things, or if you’re really cool, that means you get to be a lying person whenever you feel like it? There’s not even the slightest shred of truth to it.”

You can go through and look at who showed any of these things first, if you care about the facts. If you just want to say, ‘Steve Jobs invented the world, and then the rest of us came along,’ that’s fine. If youโ€™re interested, [Vista development chief] Jim Allchin will be glad to educate you feature by feature what the truth is. I mean, itโ€™s fascinating, maybe we shouldn’t have showed so publicly the stuff we were doing, because we knew how long the new security base was going to take us to get done. Nowadays, security guys break the Mac every single day. Every single day, they come out with a total exploit, your machine can be taken over totally. I dare anybody to do that once a month on the Windows machine. So, yes, it took us longer, and they had what we were doing, user interface-wise. Letโ€™s be realistic, who came up with [the] file, edit, view, help [menu bar]? Do you want to go back to the original Mac and think about where those interface concepts came from?”

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates gets so worked up over the “I’m a Mac, You’re a Dork” ad campaign that the blood supply to his brain is cut off


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  • I so completely agree with Bill. If all you do in life in funny videos and fancy graphics ( as in schools, ad agencies and entertainment related stuff), a mac is perfect for you in your own insular world. That’s why 90% of the rest of us in the real world have to deal with the other 95% of real world stuff, warts and all. So if you are the kind of person who likes to be entertained by totally stupid invalid comparisons, the mac ads should be a total riot!

    That said, they are much better than most TV programs that they are featured in. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chuck Hyde

    Man, what a rant. Doesn’t Bill G. have better things to do…The PC and the Mac are both great platforms for computing. Both have different strengths and weaknesses. The iPod/iTunes rules tho, so Apple does have something sexy going for it.

  • Cade

    Business Mode:

    “Borrow” technology, (until sued),

    or Inovate. Guess the players?

    Which is the Yugo, and which the Ferrari? 90% of the world=


  • Mark

    Bill, heerrre, have another hit…

  • Kippy the wonder hamster

    Boy! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the huge pile of cash today!

    Geez, Billy… I mean, we all know you’re just a little bit jealous, but.. time to let it go! (Who still whines about the 1980’s?!?)

    Yes, money doesn’t buy *everything*… does it, Bill?

  • Jim Frost

    “If all you do in life in funny videos and fancy graphics ( as in schools, ad agencies and entertainment related stuff), a mac is perfect for you in your own insular world. That’s why 90% of the rest of us in the real world have to deal with the other 95% of real world stuff, warts and all.”

    Well, it’s certainly true that the Mac has proven to be particularly well suited to media work. But these days the Mac is a UNIX machine, a rather nice workhorse. A lot of us who used to be UNIX workstation users buy Macs nowadays; all the goodness of UNIX but with a nice UI and good commercial applications too. It’s hard not to like that, even if the industrial design of the hardware weren’t so good.

    If I need bang-for-the-buck I use Linux, but the smooth integration of the Macs has real value.

    I use Windows daily as well; hard not to, given that it has a literal monopoly in the business world. Unfortunately the stability and performance of Windows leaves a lot to be desired even if you forget all about the malware.

    But you just can’t forget the malware. It’s ever present and leads not only to many, many failures in the field but also the necessity for very frequent updates (and that means machine downtime). Bill may be right about the frequency of exploits being found on the Mac but the patch rate certainly implies otherwise and in practice the configuration of OSX has led to very, very few successful exploits in the wild. I don’t even know of *one*. Exploitability of OSX has, to date, been merely academic.

    It’s not a matter of a lack of popularity, either; there were a lot of successful Linux exploits back in the day, and MacOS 9 and earlier sure got hit. Consider: If you think the Mac has a small market share today just think what Linux had back in 1997. The malware guys target the weak, not the popular. Windows just happens to be the weakest thing out there right now.

    On the upside, .NET is great for building GUIs so Windows will be on the business desktop for a long time to come. And Vista does indeed look like it might set the security bar for Windows higher than Death Valley; it’s essentially the same model OSX has used since its inception, and that is a good blend of usability versus security. It’s a shame Microsoft waited so long to do it; WinXP (and Win2K and WinNT) could have been using that model from day one (I wrote utilities to configure WinNT boxes in that way back in 1995; gave a presentation of those tools at WinDev in, I think, 1996). I’m hopeful that this change will cut off the malware writers at the knees. They really should have required a password for UAC though, if only to force people to think about what they’re doing. But that will be pretty easy to change, and UAC is a huge step forward in its own right.

    Meanwhile, Apple deserves to be smug (they really have been shipping something very comparable to Vista for years) and Microsoft ought to be ashamed that it took them *thirteen years* to ship an OS that, out of the box, actually made use of its security system.

    jim frost


  • “If all you do in life in funny videos and fancy graphics ( as in schools, ad agencies and entertainment related stuff), a mac is perfect for you in your own insular world. That’s why 90% of the rest of us in the real world have to deal with the other 95% of real world stuff, warts and all.”

    I have been using a Mac to run my business for over 10 years. And its real world stuff: accounting, writing and database management. Along with graphics work as well.

    That said, I have to use Parallels with Windows XP to access my industries’ online database. Wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

    Bill’s rant reminded me that usually what we accuse others of is a reflection our own sins. And he forgets that the actors in the Mac ads are supposed to be the computers, not the people who use them.

  • craig

    And here’s a quote from Jim Allchin

    Microsoft executive Jim Allchin’s “I’d buy a Mac” e-mail, introduced as a plaintiff’s exhibit in the company’s Iowa antitrust trial, was previously excerpted but not available in complete form. However, the full message has now been posted among the plaintiff’s exhibits online. Here’s the PDF, and I’ll post the text below

    With that as backdrop, read on for the text:

    From: Jim Allchin

    Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 8:38 AM

    To: Bill Gates; Steve Ballmer

    Subject: losing our way…

    This is a rant. I’m sorry.

    I am not sure how the company lost sight of what matters to our customers (both business and home) the most, but in my view we lost our way. I think our teams lost sight of what bug-free means, what resilience means, what full scenarios mean, what security means, what performance means, how important current applications are, and really understanding what the most important problems [our] customers face are. I see lots of random features and some great vision, but that doesn’t translate onto great products.

    I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft. If you run the equivalent of VPC on a MAC you get access to basically all Windows application software (although not the hardware). Apple did not lose their way. You must watch this new video below. I know this doesn’t show anything for businesses, but my point is about the philosophy that Apple uses. They think scenario. They think simple. They think fast. I know there is nothing hugely deep in this.

    http://www.apple.com/ilife/video/ilife04_32C.html [Note: link no longer works]

    I must tell you everything in my soul tells me that we should do what I called plan (b) yesterday We need a simple fast storage system. LH (now known as VISTA) is a pig and I don’t see any solution to this problem. If we are to rise to the challenge of Linux and Apple, we need to start taking the lessons of “scenario, simple, fast” to heart.


  • Oh, I doubt that Bill forgot that the actors are depicting the machines and not the people who use them. His was a very deliberate mischaraterization. Fortunelty, not all of us are fooled by this sleight of tongue.

  • I love it when someone brings up the Mac and the Ad Agency, Graphic Design angle. What they fail to realize is those of us in that business are usually on a budget and schedule. We need something as reliable as we can get, we can’t have down time, we lose money. So, we choose Macs.

    Oh, and they usually look good too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jimmy Jo

    I have a Mac, I have several PC’s. Over 90% of the computer-using population uses Windows, and there’s a thousand times as many titles available for Windows, but Mac addicts like to think it’s 50/50. They have blinders on and believe their own crap. Windows can do anything a Mac can X 1000 and much cheaper. That’s just how the world is. It’s not about what’s ‘better’ or ‘cooler’ is just is what it is. Those ads are blatant lies, Bill should sue.

    As for ripping off: they BOTH ripped of Xerox, and the Amiga and GEM OS’s pre-date both too. It’s all crap I tells ya.

  • Bryan

    BillG don’t feel so bad, Jobs even pissed of the Beatles. I mean we all know how “cool” it is to own a Mac or iPod now all Jobs has to do is to convince the other 95% of the computing world to switch over to the Mac. yeah rite!!!!

  • BJ

    Nari, Nari, Nari. A tool is a tool. Pick the hammer you like best– bet you the worker with a different hammer can pound just about the same number of nails as you. I use both platforms and have for years — for business! I don’t do anything related to media or graphics. I’m far more productive on the Mac platform, primarily because I have far fewer problems getting the platform to work cionsistently and with stability than the PC. I have far fewer cross platform compatibility problems than I do working PC to PC with colleagues. Lastly, and give it a rest because you purist-PC types are the ones doing most of the rating the last few years, I would rather have a few hundred good pieces of software to choose from than 1000s of pieces of junk, which a large portion of PC software is.

  • Bill Gates is full of shit. He may have been in the right place at the right time, and he may have been very lucky to take Microsoft to where it got to, but the man is still full of shit.

  • CleanSweep

    Bill Gates has a point. Although, I am not sure he should acknowledge the cheap shots Apple is making in their commercial. We are on our third Mac for my daughter, EVERY single Mac we’ve purchased we’ve had problems with. If my daughter’s school allowed her to use a PC, we’d be ecstatic! The Mac is an inferior product with superior marketing, hype and a lot of delusional people who like like to think of themselves as cool and different, not quite. They should go invent another system altogether to be all that “different”.

  • Ha ha, I personally never met Bill & Steve, but I think they r bunch of hypocrites, just want to make $$$ by giving second/third grade products.

    They never improve their previous product, just keep on selling NEW PRODUCT !

    They don’t really care about people or this planet earth. They use cheap advertising campaign to fool us.

    The fact is over 90% of desktop computers & notebooks come with pre-loaded MS Windows and god know’s how many mobile phones will come with standard Windows OS. ๐Ÿ™

    In other hand, Mac OS probadly only covers less than 2% of world computers, and rest are covered by other non MS or Mac OS such as Linux.

    Apple’s Mac targets consumer & specialists, MS’s Windows targets commercial & dumb pc users and both targets consumer in entertainment, but truth is their product r not so good or specialized compare it to other companies anyway.

    Product Quality & features & prices & marketshare:-

    Apple’s ipod vs iRiver’s player (& other 3rd party players)->(3rd party players beats Apple)

    MS’s Xbox vs Sony’s PS2/3 ->(PS3 beats xbox)

    Ms’s Windows vs Apple’s iMac -> (Windows beats iMac)

    MS’s Zune player VS ipod -> (ipod beats Zune)

    Sony’s PSP vs Nintendo portable -> (nintendo beats Sony)

    Nokia vs Blackberry -> (Nokia beats Blackberry)

    Toyota VS Ford -> (Toyota beats Ford)

    so on on on .. blah blah blah

  • Tim Milburn

    Imagine that you are going to buy a computer for your parents and that you will be the one they call night after night when things go wrong or they can’t figure something out. Mac or PC? It’s a no-brainer: A Mac. One of those stupid inscrutible Microsoft error messages, and you’re on the phone for hours.

    Windows PCs are the world’s IT departments’ ongoing job security program.

  • Garret

    I have a feeling if we put these guys and their software and hardware together (really scary breeding concept)we would have software that worked AND did not think it was superior to anyone.

  • JK

    I’m so tired of this stupid Mac vs. PC “war”! I was on it when I was in school, but c’mon….

    The funny thing is that those who use macs for serious stuff usually know both Windows and Mac (because you can’t avoid using Windows in this world, yet) and choose to use Macs because it fits better for whatever they want to do. But those who claim Windows is best usually don’t even know much about Windows itself (half of the pro-windows comments here don’t even differenciate between Steve Ballmer, whose quote we’re talking about, and Bill Gate, or mix Mac OS X and iMacs..).

    Bah, what a waste of time, I’m gonna go to the toilet.