Oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastards!

The glory days of YouTube are officially over. This morning Viacom, parent of MTV and Comedy Central, demanded that the popular Web site immediately remove more than 100,000 video clips it was hosting without approval. With YouTube’s content identification and royalty reporting system essentially still vaporware (see ““Irreparable harm”? Yeah, irreparable harm to your eyes from watching an entire episode of ’24’ on YouTube“) and Viacom’s deal with Google apparently not extensible to YouTube (see “We tried to bring Adam Curry back for this, but he was busy“), the two companies, who had been negotiating a revenue sharing agreement since the last time Viacom ordered its clips pulled (see “Oh, my God! They deleted Kenny!“), were unable to find some mutually agreeable middle ground. And Viacom, which used an automated technology of its own devising to identify its content on YouTube, finally lost its patience.

“After months of ongoing discussions with YouTube and Google, it has become clear that YouTube is unwilling to come to a fair market agreement that would make Viacom content available to YouTube users,” Viacom said in a statement. “Filtering tools promised repeatedly by YouTube and Google have not been put in place, and they continue to host and stream vast amounts of unauthorized video. YouTube and Google retain all of the revenue generated from this practice, without extending fair compensation to the people who have expended all of the effort and cost to create it. The recent addition of YouTube-served content to Google Video Search simply compounds this issue. Virtually every other distributor has acknowledged the fair value of entertainment content and has taken deliberate steps to concluding agreements with content providers. … Our hope is that YouTube and Google will support a fair and authorized distribution model that allows consumers to continue to enjoy our very popular content now and in the future.”


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  • sandybutt

    So now, we can look forward to endless videos of snotnosed teenagers mooning and putting toothpaste up their noses on YouTube!

  • jeff

    Sumner Redstone & his legion of lawyers are not even as scary as C. Montgomery Burns!

  • thinkbomb

    Gee, I wonder if viacom will compensate all the people who spent their time and energy capturing, editing and distributing Viacom-owned content to the YouTube portal??

  • ChmKaga

    Gee, whenever I see something from The Daily Show or Colbert Report that I like, I make sure to tune in that evening to see more. I don’t watch the occasional You Tube instead of watching the originaly aired broadcasts. Without the occasional reminder of what I missed last night, I will probably be less likely to tune in the next night. You Tube has been providing a ‘Best Of’ for these shows and even SNL looks funny when you see only the best bits.

  • chingchaching chong

    MWAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah neeerds!youtube owns all!