Good Memories, Silicon Valley

Hard to believe it, but my last day has finally arrived and, much as it saddens me to say it, this is my last post to Good Morning Silicon Valley (see "GMSV author to "pursue other interests"").

Seven years. Good God. What a time I’ve had. I spent the better part of Thursday afternoon trolling around the Internet Archive compiling material for a final post about the historic time that I’ve borne witness to here each morning. Some sort of comment on the valley, its successes and impressively well realized failures, and perhaps a thought or two about what’s to come. But why bother? If you’re a reader of Good Morning Silicon Valley and you care about tech, you too have seen what I’ve seen and perhaps had a laugh over it as well. So really, there’s little need for further exposition — and no need whatsoever for exposition in the interest of sentimentality. Anyway, I’m not nearly wise enough to predict in any detail what will happen in the years ahead. Just imprudent – and impudent – enough to poke fun as it happens, which, with any luck, I’ll be doing over at come March.

And that brings me to the headlines, which is, I imagine, the reason most of you read GMSV anyway — certainly it’s the reason I’ve written it for as long as I have. A few of my favorites:

There are more, of course — and other bits and pieces as well. There were the contests — The Microsoft Divestiture-Naming Competition and The Great Recording Industry Business Model Contest come to mind here; the Interviews and the Roundtables (here’s an early one on "Shared Source" with Microsoft’s Craig Mundie, Bruce Perens, et al). But I’ve already gone on too long here and there’s news to write about today. So in case we don’t run into one another again, in case I’m not able to say this to you later: thanks for reading my work. Thanks, too, for your comments and kind words these past seven years. I am very grateful.

Reach me at john.paczkowski AT beginning tomorrow and at in March. And take good care of my colleague and dear friend Dr. Murrell; I’m sure he will do the same for you.

Stay well.

– J


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  • Geoff Davis

    Just wanted to say thanks for all of the laughs over the years. I’ve been reading your column basically since it started, right about the time I graduated from college and got my first job in the real world. Good luck with your new gig!

  • DotK

    Happy trails, John. Will look for you in March.

  • Elaine

    […] I’m not nearly wise enough to predict in any detail what will happen in the years ahead. Just imprudent enough to poke fun as it happens […]

    John, you misspelled impudent.

    All the best – I’ll be looking for you online.

  • Elaine

    Sorry, John, I didn’t intend that you should change it. I really thought it worked both ways. “You a funny guy!”

  • paczkowski

    “Impudent” is also accurate — true enough to add — but I was referring to my lack of wisdom.

  • Scot

    At least he didn’t say impotent.

  • Bill Shea

    Good luck. We’ll miss you . . . actually your writing more than you! I hope for your sake the sd in your new URL stands for San Diego and not South Dakota.

  • Seven keyboards replaced (and counting).

  • Rick

    With uneven and hectic deadlines, and other strangeness going on, your wit was a consistent bright spot in my day. Good luck with the new adventures.

  • I think what stands out the most in your body of work is your ability — no, your gift — for headlines.

    You’re the best in the business, I’d say, with the possible exception of the guys at the New York Post (kind of hard to top “Headless Body Found In Topless Bar”).

    Best wishes for your new adventure.

  • Lee

    Thanks for years of great postings – one of the best sources about Silicon Valley ever!

  • Great Stuff….

    Wish you great success in your new venture..

  • John

    I have totally enjoyed your work. It was one of the best ways for me to keep up with the tech sector and you always kept us laughing. I will miss your stuff! -J

  • GMSV will be hard pressed replacing your headline writing skills. Good luck!

  • Jim Smith

    HEY – what’s wrong with South Dakota, Bill? Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it! Don’t be influenced by the 17 below zero temperature – that’s bogus anyway – how can anything be less that zero?

    John -you’ll be missed everyday. Love your thought process, your prose and especially the headlines – they are all priceless.

  • Good Luck John. I’ve enjoyed your daily postings for the last couple of years. Makes me fell like I am in the know – even out here in the rural hinderlands of New Mexico

  • John, your postings have been part of my daily read since you started GMSV. You’ve done a great job. Thanks for all the fish, — andreas

  • Readout

    You will be missed, John. Best to you.

    May your successor continue the blazing trail you’ve provided through these years. – CR

  • Thanks John – You’re right. It’s the headlines that keep me coming back lol.

    Thank you for the past few years I’ve been paying attention 😀

  • Chuck

    Thanks John. I enjoyed it very much and will miss it a lot.

  • hylen

    Great headlines:

  • John:

    Very good my man. I’ve certainly enjoyed your writings and musings. Good luck to you and as with many, I’ll miss you.



  • Mrs Nesbitt

    If your replacement is unable to keep the tradition of including Python references, we’ll cook all those dead parrots, feed them to the Gumbies, and set fire to the Cheese Shop. Good luck being a Lumberjack, you miserable fat Belgian bastard!

  • good luck lad…u will be missed…cheers err Prost Kameraden!!!

  • George

    Not in my /. nor in my Wired subscription nor in even Dvorak’s best, did I find a writer who so consistently hit the sweet spot. John, I will miss your column here very much. The laughs and the learning, that trenchant knowing snark…who could replace this?

  • Jim


    I got on board the GMSV ship when Larry decided he just had to have PeopleSoft. In my little corner of the world, this column was the most reliable place to come for info on that little soap opera. I stayed for the unique slant you put on the tech world. Oh yeah, those headlines too!

    Good luck!

  • MEH

    John, You are the best. Looking forward to reading your column.

  • Joel

    John – As Altamont was to Monterrey, your departure is to all of Silicon Valley, signalling the end of an era. Silicon Valley is dead. Long live Silicon Valley.

    But don’t worry: I (and likely more than a few others) will continue to cyberstalk you. You just better keep on giving us good reason to. =:0

  • graeme

    I pray your replacement has gone to the same writting school you attended and wasn’t “absent that day” when they taught you to write headlines. I think my favorite run was over the flaming Dell batteries…

    So many laughs and so much information. You kept me informed and amuzed.

    Best of luck in the next phase of career and life.