Programming note

GMSV will not publish this week in observance of the winter holidays.


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  • Just what the HELL are “Winter Holidays?” So does this mean your closed all the way until friggin’ President’s Day? That’s a “winter holiday” too, right??? Can’t you guys simple say “we’re closed for Christmas?” Or would that be too “Republican”?

  • Pam

    Christmas is one day. There’s also Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve…give it up, Stan.

  • Pam, Pam, how forgetful of me to have ignored the beautiful “Boxing Day” tree in my living room, the wondrous “New Year’s Eve” gifts that we exchange each year at this time, and those charming “New Year’s Day” carolers who dispense Alka Seltzer on the street corners. Thanks for reminding me “give it up.” Silly me. Happy Kwanzaa, to y’all.