“The Dear Mac Leader has a special stool. It’s three-legged, designer
(natch) and is his special friend on long business trips in the company
jet: he requires the stool be present at all worldwide company events
that he attends as well as outbound speaking engagements that are
designated ‘stool-appropriate’.”

A Valleywag tipster reveals that the source of Apple CEO
Steve Jobs’ power may not be his black turtleneck after all.


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  • Mike Orton

    I don’t give a damn how Steve doe’s it,as long as He keeps stuffing it to microsoft !!!

  • Louise

    If it’sgood enough for the King of Ghana, why not? A little anthropology doesn’t hurt.

  • Steve

    An article examining Steve Jobs’s stool.

    I knew Mac people were intense, but I didn’t think they were this intense.