“You can fake being cool, but you can’t fake being good. That’s the
musical potentiality of YouTube: It allows us to see elements of
musicianship that are difficult to hear (even though hearing is supposed
to be the whole idea). It could make a handful of people recognize (and
care about) virtuosity in a way that hasn’t happened since the fall of
King Crimson.”

Esquire’s Chuck Klosterman says YouTube is
inspiring a renaissance in guitar wankery.


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  • P.Warner

    Chuck Klosterman’s article December 1 2006:


  • And the internet is fostering a “guitar tab” world . . . Years ago there were “fake books”; now we have the sort of aforementioned wankery that passes for talent, or lack thereof. What can you expect from a generation weaned on “American karaoke, er, Idol?”