Cablecos to FCC: Let’s not do the time warp again

The Federal Communications Commission approval of new regulations that could give telecoms
like AT&T and Verizon a competitive advantage in the video marketplace
is not going over well with incumbent cable TV companies. Not in the
least. In a year-end conference call with the press, National Cable and
Telecommunications Association president and CEO Kyle McSlarrow called
the rules an “astonishing step backward” and upbraided FCC for pushing
them through. The Commission has “a fundamental misunderstanding of what
the cable industry is doing,” he said. “It’s almost [as though] they are
viewing it through a time warp. I just think there’s a disconnect
between the rhetoric of free markets and deregulation and the reality of
the proposals that are being proffered by the leadership of the
Commission. What I see, when you put all of these dots together, is an
agenda that really represents one of the most sweeping examples of
regulatory micromanagement.” Sounds to me like a legal challenge is in
the offing …


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  • Alan August

    I can well understand why the cable companies would not want their Microsoft-like monopolies challenged. And they’ve learned a lot from Microsoft, too.

  • Catriona Matheson

    On the other hand, the Telecom companies are saying that this is going to lower our bills — Two days after the FCC approval, I got noticed that ALL of my telecom services (both phone and data) are GOING UP.