Mind if we charge this PayPal market share acquisition to our Google Checkout account?

Lucky for eBay that Google Checkout isn’t intended to be a PayPal killer
Debt counselors bemoan launch of Google Checkout
"). Because if it
was, I imagine Google’s aggressive promotion of the
would be a bit unsettling. Subsidized $10-off discounts for
merchants and free processing through the end of 2007. That’s a
compelling proposition and one that’s helped Google buy market share in the online payments space.
Google Checkout transactions increased 1200 percent in the fourth quarter. An
astonishing showing, but one that doesn’t seem to bother PayPal
proprietor eBay. After all, with millions of merchants and 123 million
users around the world, PayPal dwarfs Google Checkout. And perhaps it
always will. But, as I’m sure Yahoo’s founders will tell you, it’s never
a good idea to rest easy in a marketshare battle with Google: Even one
in which you seem to be the obvious winner. "I believe that Google’s
advantage is widening with time and this is one example," said Scott
Devitt, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus & Company. "Checkout could be a
game changer, and the competitors are doing nothing of the sort."


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  • Fred Barnes

    The only reason I’m using Google Checkout is the $20 of $50 coupon at some merchants. Otherwise its more painful to use than the merchants’ carts. You can’t get tracking information for one – since GCO has all the order information, except tracking.

    Haven’t seen anything that would remotely interest me to stay with GCO once the coupons expire.

  • COD

    I used it several times in the last couple of weeks – for the discounts of course. I do sort of like that I don’t have to set up an account with the merchant. That’s nice when I don’t expect to be buying regularly from that source.

  • I abandoned eBay and Paypal months ago after weeks of unresolved password issues and pathetic responses from CS at both about how they couldn’t talk to each other to resolve them (even though eBay OWNS Paypal).

    I hope Google beats the crap out of them